Clayton Echard reveals cross country road trip plans with Susie Evans, asks The Bachelor fans for advice

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard and Susie Evans plan a cross-country road trip. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans have had their shares of ups and downs, both individually and as a couple, during the filming and airing of Clayton’s season of The Bachelor.

During After The Final Rose, Clayton and Susie announced that they had reconciled and called each other girlfriend and boyfriend, and fans were shocked that Susie took him back after turning down his proposal and leaving him alone in Iceland.

However, per the duo’s Instagram posts, photos, and videos, Clayton and Susie seem happier than ever. In fact, Clayton picked up and moved to Susie’s hometown of Virginia Beach soon after the live finale.

Clayton talks about an upcoming road trip with his girlfriend Susie Evans

Now Clayton wants to take his girlfriend on a cross-country road trip. Because the two of them have to go back to Scottsdale, Arizona, to move all of Clayton’s stuff to Virginia, they are going to drive back in Clayton’s loaded-up car.

He has taken to his Instagram stories to reveal their route plan and also ask for suggestions from people on where they should stop/what they should see along the way. Clayton announced that they will be doing their road trip in mid-April.

Clayton stated in the video, “We’re just trying to make this the most fun trip that we can. We try to take the most scenic route from Scottsdale to Virginia.”

What places do the Bachelor Nation couple plan to stop along the way?

At the end of his video, Clayton attached a map and titled it CROSS-COUNTRY TRIP WITH SUE! He has dots along the way where they will be stopping, along with the seven locations they’re traveling to.

Clayton stated that their Starting Point is Phoenix, Arizona, and then they will be traveling to, in order, Moab, Utah, Denver, Colorado, Kansas City, Missouri, Lake St. Louis, Missouri, Nashville, Tennessee, Charlotte, North Carolina, and finally, they’ll end in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where they will be home.

After the map and route page, Clayton flashed to one more photo with a smaller map and stopping points and wrote, “We want to work out along the way, if we can stop in at your gym let us know!!”

Susie added in her own reply after Clayton’s and exclaimed, “Absolutely! To break up the restless legs from all the driving.”

While many people didn’t think there was a chance for Clayton and Susie after he allegedly was gaslighting her before sending her home, the couple appears stronger than ever, and more in love than ever.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11 on ABC.

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