Clayton Echard and Susie Evans troll Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss after his ‘major announcement’

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard.
Bachelor couple Susie Evans and Clayton Evans are having fun trolling. Pic credit: ABC

After one of the most dramatic Bachelor seasons ever, Clayton Echard and Susie Evans are enjoying living life as a public couple.

Last week was the Bachelor finale, and everyone couldn’t wait to get on social media and talk all about it.

That included Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss.

The Bachelor’s Susie Evans and Clayton Echard troll Mike Fleiss

On Twitter, Mike Fleiss couldn’t wait to poke fun at viewers who wondered how long Clayton Echard and Susie Evans would stay together. After all, the season was pretty crazy, and after watching the confrontation between Susie and Bachelor lead Clayton, almost everyone was sure she was done with him.

A few days ago, Mike tweeted, “Major Announcement regarding #TheBachelorABC !!! @ClaytonEchard and @ThenSusieSaid are still together!!!”

Mike Fleiss tweet.
Pic credit: @fleissmeister/Twitter

Clayton then took the opportunity to troll Mike Fleiss and Bachelor Nation, writing, “Check back in an hour for an update [winking emoji] #TheBachelor.”

Clayton tweet
Pic credit: @ClaytonEchard/Twitter

Then, Susie Evans took a shot, saying, “Try 30 minutes….”

Susie Evans' tweet
Pic credit: @ThenSusieSaid/Twitter

What are Susie Evans and Clayton Echard up to after The Bachelor?

As he said on The Bachelor finale, Clayton Echard moved to Virginia. He told Bachelor Nation his plans, and less than a week after the show aired, he made good on them.

Susie Evans and Clayton shared photos from their time spent in Virginia to their Instagram stories. Of course, they poked fun at each other along the way.

Throughout the season, there weren’t any spoilers about who Clayton chose at the end. The season was filmed months ago, and just before the Bachelor finale aired is when Reality Steve leaked the outcome. No one had any idea Susie would return and declare that Clayton was her boyfriend after how things went down in Iceland.

Despite Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia being the final two women left in Iceland, Clayton sent them home to make it work with Susie. While she rejected him at the final rose ceremony, the two appear to be doing well in the real world months after the show was filmed.

Susie Evans won’t be The Bachelorette, but Bachelor Nation will enjoy Rachel and Gabby running the first-ever season of The Bachelorette with dual leads.

As they continue their journey into the real world as a real couple, Susie and Clayton Echard appear to be happy and very much together.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

I will give them one year. When he gets bored with her, she’ll see the real Clayton again. Next time, he’ll push her into the car OR pack his things and leave without even telling her. He’ll always say, she came after him even after treating g her like dirt. Shame on her for going back…