Clare Crawley says she doesn’t share much with her Bachelorette fans – and then shares the cutest story

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley opens up about her life. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley will soon share her journey to find love on the show when her season premieres in a few weeks.

Clare is back on Instagram, and yesterday, she admitted that she hasn’t been sharing much with her fans.

There is a reason for her silence. Clare explained that she’s a private person and prefers to stay relatively quiet on social media due to the fear of judgment.

Clare has been in the Bachelor world for years and has appeared on The Bachelor, The Bachelor Winter Games, and Bachelor In Paradise.

And every time, she had joined the shows with the hopes of finding love. However, it never worked out. Then, at 39 years old, Clare was given the chance of The Bachelorette, something she was thrilled about.

Clare Crawley opens up about her cute relationship with her mother

On Instagram yesterday, Clare opened up about her routines, including how she stops by her mother’s house to visit her during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They can’t hug or be physically in the same room together, so Clare sees her mother through glass to keep her safe.

“I know it’s easy to see me and only connect me to The Bachelorette, because the truth is, I haven’t shared a lot of my life with you all,” Clare wrote on her Instagram story.

“I think because of a lot of times I feel judged already, so I hold back (I’m working on it). The parts of my life that are so special, I wanted to protect that and hold close. But I’m finding it’s in the sharing that we find connection and healing. So here’s a big part of my life that means the most to me. Time with my Mama. Even though it’s so difficult to only have window visits, I always cherish this time.”

Clare Crawley
Pic credit: @clarecrawley/Instagram

She added, “To everyone going through similar, my heart is with you.”

This is definitely a part of Clare’s life she hasn’t shared with the world. However, her situation is similar to that of many others who are struggling with being apart from family members.

Clare Crawley may share more about Dale Moss soon

Another part of Clare’s life that she hasn’t shared has to do with her love life. She’s been single for a while, but she’s now reportedly engaged to Dale Moss, whom she met on The Bachelorette.

ABC has teased that Clare will make waves with her decision to end production after just 12 days. Chris Harrison tells her that she ‘just blew up The Bachelorette’ in one of the newest promos, and fans are certain that it was Chris’ reaction to Clare revealing that she wants to quit.

Dale hasn’t shared much about their life together either. During a recent chat with fans, Dale revealed that he wants to become a father in the next five years.

The Bachelorette premieres Tuesday, October 13 at 8/7c on ABC.

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