Clare Crawley is near tears as she shares her excitement over her new project for the holidays

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley is doing something awesome to give back. Pic credit: ABC

Clare Crawley has kept busy since wrapping up The Bachelorette earlier this summer.

She has been hanging out with Dale Moss in secret, as the two have been hanging out in Sacramento, California – her hometown.

Even though the two got engaged after 12 days of filming and fans didn’t think they would last, they are going strong.

And as it turns out, Clare is starting to share more on social media about her life, her passions and her future plans.

This weekend, she did something amazing for her local community and dogs that are living in shelters.

Clare Crawley gives back in Sacramento

On Instagram Stories, Clare revealed she had been collecting blankets so she could donate them to the local animal shelter.

On Instagram, Clare revealed that it broke her heart knowing that dogs were sleeping on concrete. She wanted to give them a better home for the holidays.

Clare Clawley
Pic credit: @clarecrawley/Instagram

She revealed that the donation drive had been a huge success and she was thrilled that people were donating blankets for the animals in need.

Clare Clawley
Pic credit: @clarecrawley/Instagram

Clare thanked her fans for donating and helping out, sharing that so many dogs would not be laying cold on the concrete this holiday season.

Clare Clawley
Pic credit: @clarecrawley/Instagram

Clare also jumped online to thank fans for their support, revealing that they had collected over 400 blankets for the animals.

She almost broke down in tears on her Instagram Stories, thanking everyone who had donated blankets to the local Sacramento shelter.

Clare also thanked fans for using social media for something positive. As fans may recall, Clare has been slammed online for her decisions on The Bachelorette, causing her anxiety and stress.

Clare Crawley is planning a future with Dale Moss

Clare knows that she made the right decisions and now, she can focus on positive projects, such as collecting blankets for dogs, so they don’t have to sleep on the concrete.

Even though Clare and Dale found love on a reality show, it appears that they want to keep some things private.

Clare and Dale have already gone house hunting in Sacramento, but they haven’t shared much about this journey since.

Dale has revealed he’s ready for kids with Clare when she dropped the bomb that she was ready to start a family. Again, they are keeping the details to themselves as both have been somewhat private since going public with their romance.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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