Clara Berghaus reveals how her ‘doomed’ marriage with Ryan Oubre ended – what scene made them fall apart

Clara Berghaus in a sweater
Clara Berghaus tells all about her divorce from Ryan Oubre in the latest Married at First Sight special. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight kickoff special gave viewer’s insight into the upcoming MAFS Season 14 cast and also provided life updates for previous MAFS cast members. 

Amidst all the clips and predictions from the special, the show took time to give MAFS Season 12 star Clara Berghaus her own segment where she addressed her relationship and divorce with Ryan Oubre. 

With tons of recent drama surrounding Clara and Ryan’s relationship, Clara was able to share her side of the story when it came to why her and Ryan’s marriage ultimately crashed and burned. 

Clara Berghaus spills the tea on her divorce from Ryan Oubre 

At the start of Clara’s segment, she watched clips from her MAFS marriage with Ryan and expressed that it’s nice to see those clips and be reminded of the love since it’s easy to focus on the negative after a divorce. 

However, the love was short-lived as Clara admitted, “We had our moments of great times, but there was just so much going on when the cameras weren’t there, and then when the cameras went away that just sort of colored everything else.” 

Clara revealed that she thinks the way she expressed her sexual frustrations was ‘the downfall of the marriage’ because Ryan took major issue with the sexual matters that Clara publicly discussed with others during the season.

According to Clara, one of the biggest on-camera moments that put a wedge in her relationship with Ryan was when footage captured Clara airing out her sexual frustrations with all the MAFS wives. 

MAFS viewers will recall a hidden footage moment where Clara spoke with the MAFS Season 12 wives and expressed her irritation with her and Ryan’s sex life, feeling upset that she was ‘getting him off every night’ while still not having sexual intercourse. 

During the special, Clara confessed how that clip deeply hurt both Ryan and his family when it played out on television. 

After seeing that clip, Ryan told Clara he could never trust her again, and Clara had to apologize profusely for the way her words about their sex life hurt Ryan and his family. 

Despite the clip causing issues in their marriage, Clara made it clear that she doesn’t regret what she said ‘because it was the truth.’  

Clara confirms she and Ryan began sleeping together after their one-month anniversary 

When asked about their sex life, Clara confessed that she and Ryan were not at all honest about consummating their marriage. 

Clara and Ryan led viewers to believe they had yet to consummate the marriage even by Decision Day, however, Clara admitted they started having sex after their one-month anniversary.  

Clara shared that they denied having sex because it was important to Ryan to keep their sex life under wraps. Sex became a sneaky thing for them and Clara expressed that she couldn’t answer questions about sex during the show because it could put her marriage in jeopardy and Ryan’s family also allegedly wouldn’t approve of them openly discussing their sex life on television. 

The clip hurt the relationship, but Clara shared, “I think we were doomed before the clip aired. Neither one of us could really love each other the way that either of us needed, and it would have ended.”

Clara reveals the day her and Ryan’s marriage officially ended 

MAFS viewers knew Clara and Ryan were planning a vow renewal ahead of their divorce, but Clara revealed they were also actively house hunting and putting in offers as well. 

Clara shared that amidst house hunting, “There was a time though where we started fighting and it was constant.” 

Clara and Ryan sought out marriage counseling for months, but it became apparent that Ryan’s mind was made up about ending the marriage. 

When asked how the relationship officially ended, Clara said, “not super nicely,” and recalled the day they knew it was over. 

Clara shared about the day they came home after looking at houses and Ryan let her know, “‘I don’t see a future here. I don’t trust you.’” Clara continued, saying Ryan’s declaration was “again based on that one clip that kept coming up month after month after month. That was it. It was done.”

As of now, Clara clarified that she and Ryan no longer talk at all and don’t have any contact which she prefers. 

Moving on from Ryan, Clara shared that she’s dating for fun and not for marriage for the first time in her life. Clara is not looking for anything serious for a long time and she’s doing a lot better now that she and Ryan have parted ways. 

Clara shared that while she was initially sad to see her marriage end, she’s thrilled that the marriage “is not something she has to live with for the rest of her life” and that she can finally breathe again. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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