Christine Brown calls a family meeting, wives agree Kody isn’t good at finishing what he started

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

On Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine Brown, called for a family meeting at her home. She promised that it’s not a “bomb drop,” but rather great news.

When Kody and the other three wives arrived at Christine’s, they all wondered why they were being called for a meeting. Meri said in her confessional that when they have family meetings, they never know what could be awaiting them.

When Christine delivered the news that she finally sold her house in Vegas, Janelle replied with, ‘Hallelujah!’

The wives all laughed and Meri jokingly said that she thought Christine was going to tell them she was pregnant. Christine, matter-of-factly said, “Oh no, the womb is closed!”

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Janelle explained during her confessional that years ago, for decades, whenever the family would have meetings, it was often because one wife had news that she was adding another baby to the family. So it was funny that Meri suggested Christine might be pregnant but wasn’t such a far-fetched idea at one stage in their lives.

Janelle and Christine elaborate that Kody may likely never be done having children, as he has said his children are his true soulmates. The wives continued the meeting, and Christine said it’s finally time to say goodbye to Vegas.

Robyn chimed in, saying that she misses her home in Vegas “like crazy” and that she’s still waiting for Flagstaff to feel like home before she can feel settled.

Kody is not good at finishing what he started

Janelle used the analogy that Kody has a thousand-yard stare to describe how Kody starts a ton of projects, but never follows through to completion.

Janelle said at this point, Kody is reacting instead of planning. But, is it because he’s too busy or because he’s lost interest?

Robyn gave her two cents, saying that Kody is “really good at the starting part of an idea” and puts so much energy into it initially that he often becomes exhausted towards the end, essentially saying he doesn’t pace himself, but rather jumps in head first with every idea he has.

Janelle nicely put it, saying that Kody often gets “lost” in the execution part of a plan. Kody laughed during his confessional and admitted he can finish things, but that he starts a lot of projects, never with enough time to finish anything.

Christine admitted she’s great at starting projects, but isn’t so great at finishing because that’s when it “loses its interesting factor.” Janelle described herself as “the worker bee,” definitely not a visionary. Meri said once an idea is formulated, she takes the approach of, “Okay, let’s go for it!”

Robyn joked that it’s probably good she was the fourth wife because she’s a “finisher.” The wives may have been joking about not finishing projects, but Kody has a huge responsibility on his shoulders to find a stable home for his large family. The impossible task of pleasing four wives and all of his children is seemingly wearing on him.

Will we see more of the outspoken and nonchalant Kody this season? Fans are looking forward to seeing what the end result actually is.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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