Christine and Janelle blame Robyn for changing Sister Wives family’s traditions, Kody says she ‘enhanced’ them

Kody disagrees with his exes that Robyn changed the Brown family’s traditions. Pic credit: Discovery+

When Robyn Brown joined the Brown family in 2010, their dynamic shifted.

Sister Wives viewers watched Kody Brown take on a fourth bride after falling head over heels for Robyn, 16 years after marrying his third wife, Christine.

Robyn’s entrance certainly shook things up, and that includes their family traditions.

As Christine and Janelle discussed in the latest episode of Sister Wives, the Browns used to engage in some fun holiday traditions and gatherings that came to an end once Kody welcomed a fourth wife into the mix.

During a conversation with Janelle in the car on their way to visit Christine’s brother, the ladies talked about their former lives as sister wives.

Christine brought up the good old days when the family would have a “magical four days of feasting for Thanksgiving.”

Sister Wives stars Janelle and Christine Brown accuse Robyn of changing the family traditions

But as Janelle pointed out, “When Robyn came, a lot of those traditions changed.”

Christine added that once Robyn became Kody’s fourth wife, the Browns’ Friday night dinners stopped.

On top of that, Christine revealed that the family’s Saturdays were once packed with plans, but once Robyn joined the plural marriage, that ceased, too.

Janelle referred to Robyn as a “separate entity” from the other wives and claimed that Kody spent quite a bit more time with her.

Although Christine and Janelle called out Robyn for changing up the family’s traditions, Kody told a different story.

Kody Brown defends Robyn: ‘She enhanced our family traditions’

“Robyn always supported our family traditions because that was part of the negotiation that we made when we got married,” Kody confessed during the most recent episode of Sister Wives.

“In fact, she actually enhanced our traditions,” Kody added.

Back in the car, Christine confided in Janelle once again and shared that she felt Kody found his soulmate once Robyn came along, so he pushed his other wives to the side.

During her solo confessional, Janelle admitted that Kody seems to be “very happy” being Robyn’s husband.

Janelle continued to call out Kody, accusing him of neglecting his other marriages once Robyn came into the picture.

Janelle doesn’t care that Kody and Robyn are acting like a monogamous couple

But as far as Janelle was concerned, Robyn could have Kody all to herself because she wasn’t interested in him coming back.

We now know that Kody and Janelle had their fair share of marital issues and even separated more than once before their latest separation, which appears to be a permanent one.

The straw that broke the camel’s back this time was the explosive argument in Janelle’s Flagstaff apartment that ended with Kody slamming the door as Janelle screamed, “F**k you!” at him.

Janelle has yet to make any type of announcement on social media regarding her and Kody’s relationship status — unlike Christine and Meri, who went public on Instagram with the news they had split from Kody — but we learned this week that it’s likely because of Janelle’s religious affiliation.

Janelle is still a firm believer in her and Kody’s LDS faith, which means that she isn’t comfortable breaking their covenant “without knowing God’s completely cool with it.”

So, can we expect a breakup announcement on social media from Janelle? It’s unclear at this point, but Sister Wives viewers would certainly welcome the news.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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