Christi Busch on Busch Family Brewed: Everything to know about Billy Busch Sr.’s wife

Christi Busch
Christi Busch is the matriarch who loves horses and her seven kids. Pic credit: MTV

The new reality TV series The Busch Family Brewed has a large cast full of colorful characters. But just who is Christi Busch on Busch Family Brewed?

We did a little digging to find out everything to know about Billy Busch Sr.’s beautiful wife and mum to his seven kids. Luckily for Christi, reporters Peter Hernon and Terry Ganey of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch appeared to be of like minds about the Anheuser-Busch empire.

In Under the Influence, their 1991 book detailed the dirty deeds of her family past, a family they say amassed “enough skeletons in their closets to fill a cemetery.”

In their scandal-filled published expose on the Busches, they wrote of Adolphus:

Adolphus Busch, millionaire brewer and tycoon of the Gilded Age, a robber baron who used his influence with American presidents and the German kaiser to promote and protect the fortunes won by his brewery.

The MTV series The Busch Family Brewed does not tread in these murky waters. Instead, it is a modern-day Osbournes, but with less rock and roll and more horses, money and of course, beer.

The series premiered back on Thursday, March 5, and it is about the reigning scions of St. Louis, Missouri, the Busch family. These are the attractive and boisterous wealthy heirs of the Anheuser-Busch clan that reigned supreme with a massive beer empire.

In a business twist, the Busch family was removed from the company that makes Budweiser back in 2008, when it was acquired in a hostile takeover and sold to Dutch company InBev.

But you can’t keep a good Busch down. The new reality series follows the reinvention of the famous clan still in the beer business.

Billy Busch Sr. is the great-grandson of the aforementioned beer legend Adolphus Busch —and he was running a craft brewery until his Kräftig beer went kaput in 2019.

But don’t cry for the Busch family as Forbes reports they are one of the wealthiest American families around with a net worth of $13.4 billion.

And with nine well-heeled family members under one 700 acre-sized roof, the TV aspect of all this is a sudsy brew replete with dramatic moments when the good looking kids bring in outsiders and love interests to this mix.

Who is Christi Busch?

Christi is the mama bear who eyeballs all seven of her kids’ choices in potential mates.

Christi Busch is a self-described “helicopter mom” and an amateur Instagram bikini model who is keeping it taut and toned. Christi loves her social media.

Mostly she posts pictures of herself and her family.

In an interview, she shared that she and Billy did not fall in love right away. She made him wait for her affections, and even though Billy said that she was “the prettiest girl there [at a party]” this prompted Christi to blame alcohol jokingly and said that Billy “wanted her so much, more than she wanted him.”

In this Page Six video interview, Christi shared she thinks Matthew McConaughey is “pretty hey, hey, hey.”

Meanwhile, Billy preferred Jenny from the block (J-Lo).

The easiest to the most difficult child to raise in their brood?

In order from easiest to hardest, Christie ranked their kids and said: “Maddie Haley, Abbey, Grace, Billy Peter and Gussie,” who she said was the most difficult. “We had to put him in time out constantly when he was little…He sounded like a goat!”

Christi and her entire family appear to love horses with several photos of her kids playing polo, competing in equestrian events, and even a picture of Christi kissing a horse named Rebel. The family owns the famous Clydesdale horses that you have seen in commercials.

On the next Busch Family Brewed, Gussie’s 23rd birthday celebration brings Haley back to the fold, and she must make a final decision about her relationship with Clark. Gussie invites Louise to his party, which causes some problems with outspoken Grace.

The Busch Family Brewed airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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