Chris Williams’s ex-fiance calls him ‘mentally ill’ says she ‘threatened a restraining order’ against him

Married at First Sight star Chris Williams claims ex-fiance lied about pregnancy but she says he's mentally ill
Chris Williams’s ex-fiance Mercedes Myrick claps back at MAFS star. Pic credit: TLC

Married at First Sight star Chris Williams is now bashing his ex-fiance Mercedes Myrick and accusing her of lying about her pregnancy, but she’s clapping back at his shocking claims.

It’s not clear what sparked Chris’s latest outburst but according to Mercedes, he decided to try and embarrass her after she threatened a restraining order against him just yesterday.

Chris Williams’s ex-fiance calls him a liar and mentally ill 

After the Married at First Sight star accused Mercedes of lying about her pregnancy mere moments ago on Instagram, she clapped back with a response of her own.

You’ll remember that their shocking storyline played out last season after Chris tied the knot with Paige Banks.

On their honeymoon, he dropped the bomb that Mercedes was pregnant with his child and he wanted to make things work with her. However, after the season ended Chris claimed that Mercedes had suffered a miscarriage.

Chris now claims Mercedes lied and was never actually pregnant but according to her, the only liar here is Chris.

She reposted Chris’s original comment on her own Instagram page and wrote, “I never put my business out here and wasn’t going to entertain this but my character is on the line and I will not let a mentally ill hurt man ever try to bring me down.”

“This man is a liar and mental,” said Mercedes. “He is upset because I threatened a restraining order yesterday after he just got caught lying again and knew it was no coming back with me after this and he would rather try to embarrass me [than] have me move on to another guy. But this is a whole new low. You could have just moved on in peace.”

Mercedes says Chris Williams was at the hospital with her during miscarriage 

Mercedes continued to rebut Chris’s claims in her post and shared that the former Married at First Sight cast member was actually with her at the hospital the entire time. 

“The fact u [sat] in the hospital with me during our miscarriage and cried but now you’re so upset you got caught lying to me and I’m finally done that you take it this far?” wrote Mercedes. “I have tons of receipts texts doctor notes etc but I’ll let God handle this and I pray for this man’s mental health.”

She later shared a video showing her scheduled appointments and visits from Piedmont Healthcare dating back to the time of her pregnancy.

“The fact I’m doing this is wild. But for someone to take it this far because they’re hurt is crazy. I don’t know what other proof you guys want,” wrote Mercedes.

She then referred to Chris’s post about the miscarriage and reminded people, “He posted discharge papers, hospital bracelets, etc and he was at the hospital this day. This is a new low for even him.”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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