Chris Collette wishes Steve Moy a happy birthday and calls MAFS Season 14 husbands a ‘brotherhood’  

Chris Collette
Chris Collette shows love to the husbands from his Married at First Sight season. Pic credit: Lifetime

Chris Collette’s time on Married at First Sight Season 14 may have been cut short due to his ex-wife Alyssa Ellman, but he still managed to form some special relationships amongst the cast. 

Chris has often been vocal about his fondness for the men from his season and has remained friends with the MAFS Season 14 husbands. 

Recently, Steve Moy celebrated a birthday, and Chris sent Steve well wishes and shared fun brotherly photos with the rest of the MAFS Season 14 men. 

Chris Collette shows love to the ‘Boston brotherhood’ 

While most of the current MAFS cast has had to keep their social media activity private due to their season still airing, Chris has been able to be more vocal online. 

Chris Collette took to his Instagram stories to wish Steve Moy a happy birthday. 

Chris shared a photo initially posted by Mark Maher, where he wrote, “Happy birthday Steve!” and “#MAFS 14 Boston brotherhood.” 

The photo featured MAFS Season 14 husbands Mike Morency, Olajuwon Dickerson, Mark Maher, Chris Collette, and birthday boy Steve Moy. 

Chris Collette's Instagram story
Pic credit: @chris_collette/Instagram

Chris also shared another photo with the MAFS Season 14 husbands, who appear to be at an arcade. 

Posing in front of a neon-lit game, Mike, Olajuwon, and Chris hold up Steve Moy as they all flash their pearly whites. 

Chris Collette's Instagram story
Pic credit: @chris_collette/Instagram

Why is Chris Collette no longer on Married at First Sight? 

Chris Collette no longer appears on Married at First Sight due to his marriage ending in a quick divorce. 

Chris was matched with Alyssa Ellman, a woman many MAFS viewers deemed a villain from the season. 

Alyssa was turned off by Chris as soon as she walked down the aisle on their wedding day, and, after learning a bit about him from his friends, she became convinced that Chris was not the one for her. 

Alyssa chose not to spend her wedding night in the same room with Chris, and, despite agreeing to go on a honeymoon with Chris, she also was adamant about keeping her distance from him during the trip. 

Chris was hopeful that he and Alyssa could potentially work if Alyssa were even 1% willing to give their marriage a shot, but eventually, Chris realized that Alyssa was not at all open to exploring a connection, and he requested a divorce shortly after the honeymoon. 

While Chris’ MAFS journey was no longer documented, he kept in touch with the friends he made within the cast, and the MAFS Season 14 husbands formed a “Boston brotherhood.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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