Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton from Bachelor In Paradise don’t feel they need to prove anything to anyone

Chris and Katie
Chris and Katie like to keep people guessing. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton got engaged on the season finale of Bachelor In Paradise but revealed on the reunion special that it had been a rough road. Katie even took off her engagement ring because she felt she had put a lot of effort into the relationship without getting anything back.

The two worked things out on the reunion special but they have kept a low profile since then, making fans question whether they are still together. Since John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams called it quits the same week that Demi Burnett announced she was splitting from Kristian Haggerty, fans wondered if Katie and Chris would suffer the same fate.

As it turns out, they are keeping a low profile on purpose. The couple recently spoke with Us Weekly, sharing that they are indeed together but that they don’t need to share too much with people all the time.

“It’s kind of great because people actually don’t know if we’re together or we’re not,” Bukowski told the magazine.

Chris already gets questions on his Instagram page about whether he and Katie are still dating. As it turns out, Katie is also sharing personal content on social media that doesn’t include Chris.

“Yeah, it’s kind of good sometimes to be that mystery where we’re just like, ‘Huh.’ It’s kind of, like, out of the spotlight a little bit. We’ve just took a break from it after Paradise cause it was very intense and we don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone, which has been nice,” Katie explained.

Even though these two had a rocky road, it sounds like it was worth the fight. However, they shared no major plans about moving in together or planning a wedding. This couple may just be taking things one step at a time.

Bachelor In Paradise will return next summer to ABC.

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