Cheryl Burke has a new idea for Dancing with the Stars Season 31

Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby dancing on Dancing with the Stars
Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby dancing on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby made it to the finals on Dancing with the Stars Season 30.

It was Cheryl’s highest finish in a long time, which says a lot since she is the longest-reigning dancing professional on the show.

However, her time as a pro might be coming to an end and she has other ideas of what she wants to do on the show in the future.

It sounds a lot like what Derek Hough said he wanted to do as well.

Cheryl Burke wants changes on Dancing with the Stars

Cheryl Burke has danced as a pro on Dancing with the Stars longer than anyone else – by a long shot.

Her 24 seasons is three more than Tony Dovolani, who left the show eight seasons ago. Her first appearance on the show was in Season 2, and she was in every season except for Seasons 20 through 22, Season 24, and Season 26.

Burke won the first two seasons she danced on the show, with Drew Lachey in Season 2 and Emmitt Smith in Season 3.

Now, at the age of 37, she is talking about stepping down as a pro. She mentioned it earlier in the season, but now it sounds like she at least wants to stick around the show.

According to The Sun, Burke wants to move into a role as a mentor.

“In an ideal world Cheryl would love to have this job next year, and not be a dancer,” a source told the site. “Essentially it is her own unique role, which would pay tribute to her time in the show and experience but also add value to the artists.”

The source said this would give Cheryl a little more voice in the creative process of Dancing with the Stars.

“People forget Cheryl has given so much of her time and life to this show, often pushing back on family commitments,” the source continued. “We are now at a point where something has to change.”

This sounds just like what Derek Hough recently said when he mentioned wanting to work with the dancers again, but not as a partner.

“I would love that because I have so much more to share and to give and I feel like I could add some value to their experience in the process,” Derek said.

“So, I would love to have like 30 minutes to an hour with them and just give a little spiel and, hopefully, add some value to them.”

Other changes coming to DWTS Season 31

There are already a few major changes coming to Dancing with the Stars in Season 31.

Producers from the show will meet with ABC about the next season and it sounds like Tyra Banks is out as the host.

The producers seem to want to bring in an A-list star to serve as the host to try to bring in more viewers after ratings declined this season.

There is also a push for “at least one, or ideally two, major household names that fascinate fans” when it comes to the dancing celebrities next season.

Dancing with the Stars Season 30 saw younger talent, with two teenagers in JoJo Siwa and Suni Lee. It all finished with an inspirational win for NBA star Iman Shumpert.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. It should return in late 2022.

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