Chelsea DeBoer confirms husband Cole is growing out a mullet

Chelsea and Cole
Chelsea DeBoer’s husband is growing out a mullet. Pic credit: @chelseahouska/Instagram

Chelsea DeBoer told viewers during the Teen Mom 2 reunion that there was literally nothing negative she could say about her husband, Cole DeBoer.

But if you ask her fans, they may say that his new hairstyle could be that one bad thing. As it turns out, Cole has decided to grow out a mullet.

On her Instagram Stories, Chelsea decided to share a video of Cole driving, where you can clearly see the beginning stages of his mullet.

Cole DeBoer
Cole DeBoer is growing a mullet. Pic credit: @chelseahouska/Instagram

He is shaving the sides of his head, so the mullet stands out even more. It’s a combination between a mullet and mohawk.

Apparently, the new hairstyle is inspired by Morgan Wallen, a country musician. One fan actually thought there was some resemblance between Morgan and Cole.

It was last week that Chelsea told that particular fan that Cole really wanted a mullet. Now, a week later, she can confirm that he has started growing one out.

And Cole isn’t alone — another husband has also decided to pursue the mullet.

But one person did tell Chelsea to tell him to stop. Her name is Courtney and she used to work in a hair salon. Chelsea hadn’t replied to this tweet at the time of this reporting.

During this year’s Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Cole and Chelsea showed fans just how thankful they are for everything they have been given over the past year.

For example, Cole had created a beautiful cube for a fan, who had reached out to Chelsea about also struggling with anxiety. It was a beautiful moment that showed just how awesome Cole and Chelsea really are when it comes to their Teen Mom 2 fans.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

All episodes of Teen Mom 2 are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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