Chef Rachel Hargrove speaks out on low Below Deck pay ‘plain disrespect’

Below Deck's chef Rachel Hargrove talks Bravo pay.
Rachel is the latest Below Deck star to comment on pay. Pic credit: @chefrachelhargrove/Instagram

Chef Rachel Hargrove speaks out on the low Below Deck pay calling it “plain disrespect” as the conversation about Bravo cast salaries continues.

Below Deck Season 8 was the first-time fans saw Rachel. The chef’s stellar cooking skills and filthy commentary helped her become a fan favorite, despite vulgar remarks and drunken behavior.

Although she returned for Season 9, alongside chief stew Heather Chase, Below Deck viewers saw a much calmer and tamer version of Rachel.

The chef is so beloved she was invited to the Bravo upfronts and will be one of the Below Deck stars to attend BravoCon 2022.

Rachel has become known for speaking her mind, even if it gets her in trouble. Below Deck fans will never forget the infamous “eat my cooter” rant that led to her briefly quitting the show.

This week she shared her thoughts on a hot topic involving the differences in cast payments for Bravo stars.

Rachel Hargrove calls Below Deck pay ‘plain disrespectful’

In May, Below Deck star Eddie Lucas threw shade at Bravo, declaring the Below Deck cast makes peanuts compared to the Real Housewives ladies.

Earlier today, Rachel took to Twitter to speak her mind on the topic, warning her followers not even to get her started on the topic.

“Oh s**t!! Do you know how much southern charm cast make per episode? And what the #1 show on Bravo cast make? Don’t even let me start! #belowdeck #51minds #mountainviewproductions #bravotv,” read her Tweet.

Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck cast salary Tweet.
Pic credit: @HargroveRachel/Twitter

It didn’t take long for the comments section of her Tweet to become flooded with remarks. There were many questions, especially one asking what the highest-rated show on Bravo was.

Rachel wasted no time replying that Below Deck consistently brings in the highest ratings for the network.

Rachel confirms Below Deck is highest rated show.
Pic credit: @@HargroveRachel/Twitter

Below Deck’s chef Rachel Hargrove isn’t mad at Bravo

As the conversation about Below Deck pay continued on her Twitter thread, one questioned if Bravo has a set rate or if agents negotiated cast salaries.

Rachel’s response made it clear she’s not sure who is responsible. Rachel did let her Twitter followers know she felt disrespected, though.

“I’m not mad at NBC or Bravo and people keep tagging Andy on their replys… I don’t know who’s at fault for this but it’s just plain disrespectful…Especially the fact that they show the reruns all of the time,” she wrote.

Below Deck's chef Rachel not mad at Bravo or NBC.
Pic credit: @HargroveRachel/Twitter

Chef Rachel Hargrove is the latest to speak out about the large pay difference between the Below Deck cast and other shows’ cast members on Bravo. Below Deck alum Rhylee Gerber touched on it last week during a podcast interview.

As fans await news on the Below Deck Season 10 cast, Rachel’s words can’t help but make one wonder if, like Eddie, she was not asked to return. Only time will tell.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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1 year ago

Below deck is showing new episodes right now why would you say they are on hiatis?

Scott Cook
Scott Cook
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Because they are. There are several shows in the Below Deck system; Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Yachting, Below Deck Down Under. Below Deck is on Hiatis at the moment.