Chef Anthony Iracane talks being a Below Deck fan, Season 11 exits, and what’s coming next

Chef Anthony Iracane on Below Deck Season 11
Chef Anthony dishes some Below Deck dirt. Pic credit: Bravo

Chef Anthony Iracane has quickly become a fan favorite on Below Deck Season 11, but it turns out he’s a fan of the show, too.

The current season has featured Anthony having his share of problems in the galley, which is par for the course on Below Deck.

Despite the struggles, Anthony has earned mad props from Below Deck fans, especially after being so open about his personal life.

Anthony also found a pal in Chief Stew Fraser Olender, who rallied the crew to help Anthony and also was there for him on the anniversary of his father’s death.

Now, as Below Deck, Season 11 hits the halfway point, Anthony opened up about being a fan of the show and hints at what’s coming up.

Chef Anthony Iracane talks being a Below Deck fan

Speaking with TV Insider, Anthony, unlike other crew members, admitted to being a big fan of the hit yachting franchise.

“I actually did enjoy the show before I went on this season. It’s always cool to see what’s going on. It’s very real and goes with what happens in real life. It’s like watching our lives all the time on Bravo. They are doing a really good job because I always saw myself in the show,” he expressed.

Anthony has been busy working since the show was filmed and admits that since it began airing, he does get recognized on charter.

On Below Deck, the chef has spoken about wanting to open his own restaurant. It turns out Anthony has shifted his concept a bit but is in the beginning stages of making his dream come true.

In the meantime, the rest of Below Deck Season 11 still has to play out, and Anthony has teased what fans can look forward to on the show.

Below Deck star Chef Anthony Iracane dishes Season 11 exits and what’s next

We saw Bosun Jared Woodin and Stew Cat Baugh exit Below Deck Season 11 last week, which means new crewmembers will soon board the St. David yacht.

Anthony revealed to TV Insider that it was probably best for both of them to leave, considering their personal situations. The chef sympathizes with Cat and Jared based on what each one was dealing with ahead of their departure.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, the mid-season trailer for Below Deck dropped today with more crew exits looming and Anthony losing it.

The chef hinted at what Below Deck fans can expect as Season 11 plays out.

“Be ready for laughs, love, and crying because it’s not over. It’s just the beginning,” Anthony shared with TV Insider.

Are you a Chef Anthony fan?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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