Chase Chrisley and Brooke Noury reconcile on Chrisley Knows Best

Chase Chrisley while camping with his family
Chase Chrisley is in a relationship again

Chase Chrisley and Brooke Noury have been on-again-off-again for a few years. While they are currently no longer together, their relationship has been talked about a lot on this season of Chrisley Knows Best.

Earlier this season, Chase Chrisley announced that he had split from his longtime girlfriend Brooke. Todd revealed that he was happy his son had moved on, even going as far as saying he “never liked” her.

This week’s episode reveals that Chase Chrisley and Brooke Noury have reconciled their breakup and are now back together. The time lapse in weeks and months between the split and makeup is unclear, but it makes sense because the couple spent Valentine’s Day together this year.

Since February, the two have split once again. Chase and Brooke once shared plenty of photos together, but now, most have disappeared from their social media accounts.

Brooke Noury has not been a part of the Chrisley Knows Best journey. Things have changed since the show first aired, but only Savannah Chrisley has shown her boyfriends while filming. Chase always has his boys around, but never Brooke.

There was some confusion when Chase Chrisley announced the split from Brooke Noury on the show earlier this season, especially because the timelines with social media photos didn’t add up. Now, it looks like they split for a brief while and reconciled in time to share a romantic holiday with one another.

When Todd Chrisley hears this news on the all-new Chrisley Knows Best, it is likely that happy won’t be the emotion he chooses.

Chrisley Knows Best airs Tuesday nights at 10:30/9:30c on USA.

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