Charlie ‘drops bomb’ on Alana after Love Island USA causing her to rethink relationship

Charlie and Alana on Love Island USA
Charlie and Alana on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

By the end of Love Island USA Season 3, Charlie Lynch didn’t have many fans online.

He had coupled up with Cashay Proudfoot and then when she couldn’t stop thinking of Cinco Holland, he questioned his relationship with her.

Cash chose Charlie, but he couldn’t let go and ended up choosing Alana Paolucci, which caused Cash to go home early.

Things worked out well for Cash, while Charlie recoupled with Alana and made it to the finale.

The couple ended up in fourth place, receiving the least votes from fans. This was mostly because of people’s feelings about Charlie.

Now, he is continuing to make decisions that cause people to turn away from him by the droves, this time by saying something that hurt Alana.

Charlie ‘drops bomb’ on Alana

Charlie and Alana did an interview with Pop Culture about their time on Love Island USA.

During the interview, Charlie talked about his feelings toward Cash and his decision to recouple with Alana.

“I just think that everybody has to make a decision in life at times, and decisions like that are never easy,” Charlie said. “People shouldn’t judge you just based off one decision and what they see because I feel like, going on this show, I went on there and I wore my heart on my sleeve and put all my emotions out there and, really, I just kept it as real as I could.”

Charlie then dropped the bomb on Alana, who was at the interview with him.

He had already reached out to Cashay since leaving and patched things p with her, saying he was there for her as a friend. However, it was what he said next that hurt Alana.

“I felt like, in the show, I had to kind of hold it together and, although everything I said and everything I did, it was a hundred percent true,” Charlie said. “But, part of me does think about the decision that I made and just how different things would have been.”

Alana talks Charlie and Love Island USA

Alana at first said she felt bad for Charlie because of the online beating he was taking from fans.

“People are really cruel out there sometimes. Especially in social media. I know that he’s a great person and everyone in the Villa knows he’s a great person.” Alana said. “These are all fleeting moments and eventually people forget these things and life moves on.”

However, when Charlie said he still has questions about choosing Alana over Cash, it was clear she was hurt.

She said he “dropped a bomb” on her by revealing he still questions the decision, and when he tried to talk his way out of it, she simply said she was “processing” her emotions and “the truth comes out. It’s totally fine.”

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Re-live the third season right now on Paramount+.

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Robin Taylor
Robin Taylor
2 years ago

It’s too late Cash is better with Cinco someone who truly cares for her sorry Charlie meow