Charity Lawson weighs in on The Bachelor feud between Maria and Sydney

Charity Lawson on the bachelorette
Charity Lawson picked a side while watching The Bachelor drama. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation is invested in the feud between Sydney and Maria on The Bachelor.

It’s the biggest drama to emerge from Joey Graziadei’s season so far, and each week, it seems to heat up even more.

This week will be no different as The Bachelor cast heads to Malta for the first part of a European trip that will have all the elements of the show – from kissing and romance to arguing and even trying to throw other women under the bus.

It also seems everyone has an opinion on the back-and-forth.

Many The Bachelor viewers have called for Sydney to be sent home after fanning the flames and continuing to call Maria out for something we haven’t actually seen her do.

The backlash has gotten so bad that Maria asked The Bachelor viewers to be kind, and Madina backtracked on her bullying claims.

Now, another Bachelor Nation member is weighing in on what’s happening with Maria and Sydney

Charity Lawson knows what it’s like to compete for roses — and the love of one man — while dealing with dozens of other women in The Bachelor mansion.

It can be nerve-wracking and very stressful, but it’s never an excuse to kick up drama where there is none.

So when Charity was asked about The Bachelor drama while out on the Dancing with the Stars tour, it’s clear that she’s been tuning in for Joey’s season.

She happily shared who she thinks is in the right and the wrong when it comes to Sydney and Maria.

In a clip that was shared on Reddit, Charity said, “The age thing is stupid. We are team Maria!”

Charity’s support of Maria was met with plenty of cheers, and it’s clear that Maria has a ton of Bachelor Nation support as she deals with the seemingly unfounded bullying accusations.

We’re getting more Maria and Sydney drama this week on The Bachelor

This week, we’re getting two episodes of The Bachelor when the cast heads to Europe for some adventuring and romance – with another big dose of drama.

While there, Maria and Sydney will go on a two-on-one date with Joey that we’re sure will be full of cattiness and hopefully will end in the troublemaker going home.

Maria already teased the date drama when she posted that a two-on-one was the last thing she wanted. Historically, during this type of date, The Bachelor star gives a rose to one of the women, and it’s not unusual for the other woman to go home.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC with a special Tuesday episode airing this week at 8/7c.

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Nancy Allen
Nancy Allen
6 days ago

I’m team Maria and now that Lea is being a bully and needs to go! I was bullied and there is no room for bullies because you think you’re better, prettier, smarter etc… treat people with kindness always.