Chantel Everett threatens anyone who breaks her sister Winter Everett’s heart

Chantel and Winter Everett
Chantel Everett tried to protect her little sister Winter by warning anyone who might potentially break Winter’s heart. Pic credit: TLC

Chantel Everett and her sister Winter Everett’s relationship has not always been smooth but The Family Chantel fans saw them come much closer together during Season 3 and their continued closeness was apparent in Chantel’s recent post.

With Valentines Day coming up, Chantel felt inclined to issue a warning to anyone who might try to pursue Winter around the romantic holiday and potentially break her heart.

Chantel’s threats come as The Familly Chantel viewers witnessed Winter’s emotional breakup with her ex-fiance Jah who displayed behavior that Winter and her family found to be toxic and problematic.

Winter has had a total glow-up since Season 3 of The Family Chantel aired and Chantel may be trying to protect her against foolery that sometimes goes with a transformation.

Chantel Everett warned anyone who might break her sister Winter’s Everett’s heart

Chantel stepped into protective big sister mode with a recent post where she threatened anyone who would affect her sister Winter’s heart negatively.

On Instagram, Chantel shared a picture of her and her sister looking fierce while they held up their embraced hands on a couch.

Chantel captioned the photo, “She’s my sister you break her heart I’ll break your face! (Fist emoji) Just letting yall know before valentines day comes around!”

Chantel doesn’t usually post anything too personal on her social media so it appears she really wanted to get her point across in protection of her little sister.

Winter Everett’s glow-up has been widely praised by The Family Chantel fans

Winter had been trying to improve her health and transform her body since Season 2 of The Family Chantel and she has made significant strides since Season 3 of The Family Chantel has aired.

She has posted several pictures of herself either in form-fitting outfits or workout clothes showing off the progress she has made.

Winter has a ton of supporters in fans as well as her family who love seeing her succeed after her nasty breakup from Jah.

Winter is not only working on her body but also got braces to work on her smile. Positive captions can be found in most of her posts.

She has also teamed up with some clothing brands and uses a lot of her posts to promote the clothes she wears and looks confident doing it.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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