Chantel Everett shouts out brother River over scamming comments

Chantel and River Everett
Chantel Everett shouted out a throwback video of her brother River Everett. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel fans know that alum Chantel Everett is very close with her family.

With that said, Chantel recently shouted out her brother River Everett in a throwback post of him calling out scammers.

Chantel is in the midst of a nasty divorce from her husband of five years, Pedro Jimeno. On Season 4 of The Family Chantel, viewers saw just how much Chantel’s family jumped in to support her.

It looks like both that support and concern are relevant just as much now as they were before for River, who went off in the video of him calling out scammers.

River and Pedro historically had very bad blood and even came to blows on Happily Ever After? after Pedro’s authenticity was questioned by Chantel’s family.

In recent years, River and Pedro patched their relationship up, but River made it clear on the show that he would always take his sister’s side.

River Everett goes off on scammers in reshare from Chantel Everett

Through her Instagram Stories, Chantel reshared what she called a “Super throwback [laughing/crying emoji],” of her brother speaking his mind in a selfie video.

River was talking about how people “really be trying to scam everything.”

River warned his audience to be careful of these fast talkers, who he said weren’t going to get anything out of him.

While River made no direct reference to a particular person, Chantel also didn’t direct any aim at who she thought the video was meant for.

Will The Family Chantel spinoff continue?

All four seasons of The Family Chantel have centered around Chantel and Pedro’s marriage and how each of them gets along with the other’s family.

There have been several notable blowups and altercations over the years and Season 4 left The Family Chantel audience in limbo since it focused on the end of Chantel and Pedro’s marriage.

That said, both Pedro’s mom and sister as well as Chantel’s different family members got their own storylines and narratives and have become popular on the show in their own right.

With Chantel and Pedro no longer together, it is questionable how the show will continue.

In any case, fans of Chantel and Pedro as a couple had to sit through a very rough fourth season as their breakup also played out online.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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