Chantel Everett gets bouquet of red roses for Valentine’s Day — Are they from a mystery man?

90 Day Fiance star Chantel Everett close-up
Chantel Everett got red roses for Valentine’s Day. Pic credit: @chantel_j_/Instagram

Things are over for good between Chantel Everett and her estranged husband, Pedro Jimeno, but she didn’t spend her first Valentine’s Day as a single woman wallowing in sadness.

The Family Chantel star seemingly had a secret Valentine judging by the large bouquet of red roses she showed off on social media.

The photo showed the stunning red roses — about two dozen — placed in a clear vase of water in the center of her dining table.

Chantel didn’t tag anyone in the photo shared on her Instagram Story, but she wrote, “Thank you” on the post and added the heart-eyes emoji.

Meanwhile, there was nothing else in her Story to indicate who delivered the roses on the special occasion dubbed as a day of love.

The 32-year-old TLC personality has mostly been spending time with her family and friends when she’s not busy working, but now we’re wondering if Chantel has a new man in her life.

If so, did her mystery man make the sweet gesture on Valentine’s Day?

Chantel Everett shows off her Valentine's Day roses.
Chantel Everett’s bouquet of red roses. Pic credit: @chantel_j_/Instagram

Chantel Everett has been keeping her personal life very private

By law, Chantel is still a married woman as her divorce from Pedro Jimeno is not finalized yet, but the pair have both cited that their union is irreparably broken.

While the couple’s split played out on their spinoff show only months ago, the divorce papers were filed in May of 2022, making it about nine months since their official split.

However, Chantel has kept her personal life very private since then and hasn’t posted any photos on social media with anyone that would spur dating rumors.

Last year, there was a rumor circulating that rapper Drake had slid into Chantel’s DMs, but she has never confirmed that.

Chantel spent most of last year penning her thoughts in a gratitude journal as she tried to heal from the demise of her six-year marriage to Pedro. She’s also been heavily focused on her job, but it hasn’t been all work and no play for the busy RN.

Last year she enjoyed a trip to Jamaica with her friends, and since it’s an annual event for the group, they’re probably already planning their 2023 getaway.

But the question is, will Chantel bring her mystery man as a plus-one this time around? We’re eagerly waiting for the big reveal.

90 Day Fiance star Chantel Everett loves Teami Blends

Chantel joined forces with Teami some time ago, and she raved about their products on social media.

She posted a photo with their green smoothie and their two-in-one blender and expressed how it has made her life much easier.

“This little thing by @teamiblends has changed my routine and when I say changed, I am not exaggerating!” wrote Chantel–who also dubbed the product as life-changing.

Teami creates a variety of natural wellness and skincare products using holistic superfoods.

They make superfood blends, supplements for gut health, tea blends and dietary products, and superfruit powder to boost energy.

Their skincare products include detox masks, brightening serums, moisturizers, and exfoliation body polish.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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