Chanel Ayan hits back after wearing ‘wedding dress’ to Caroline Stanbury’s engagement party

Chanel Ayan
Chanel Ayan issues no apology after donning “wedding gown” to Caroline Stanbury’s engagement party. Pic credit: Chanelayan/Twitter

Caroline Stanbury of The Real Housewives of Dubai was livid that costar Chanel Ayan wore what she described as a “wedding gown” to her engagement party. 

Chanel Ayan explained she was simply following instructions.

“I did understand the assignment. I was told, ‘Wear white,’” explained the 44-year-old model in an interview with Page Six Style.

The interview proved Ayan was still unapologetic about her party attire that evening, “You know if I’m going to show up at any party, I’m always overdressed and I always look good. It’s not my problem if you’re coming underdressed.”

In her confessional interview, Ayan proceeded to throw shade.

“First of all, Caroline, I’m a Black, gorgeous woman. We do not look alike whatsoever. And I wore couture from Amato. She definitely wore Shein,” Ayan presumed, sarcastically.

Fans on social media voiced their opinions about Ayan’s fashion choices.

The Real Housewives of Dubai fans expressed their thoughts about Ayan as a housewife as well.

Caroline Stanbury spots Chanel Ayan’s white outfit from the vehicle

Caroline Stanbury recognized that Chanel Ayan had arrived at her engagement party in what she described as “a wedding dress” before Caroline’s car even came to a stop.

The star and her fiancé were in disbelief to see Chanel in a lace white gown complete with a train.

Peering from the window of their vehicle alongside her fiancé Sergio Carrallo, Caroline observes, “Chanel is in a wedding gown.”

“Are you f ******g kidding me now?” Sergio inquires, in disbelief.

Stanbury even accused costar Ayan of donning a veil. 

Once Caroline emerges from the car and approaches Chanel, Caroline calls Chanel “the rudest wedding guest ever.”

Then Chanel smiles, “You look gorgeous, though!”

The Real Housewives of Dubai stars Caroline Stanbury and Chanel Ayan haven’t been friendly all Season

There’s no love lost between Caroline and Chanel after the wedding gown appearance.

The fashion clash at Caroline’s engagement party wasn’t the first conflict between Stanbury and Ayan.

The two Dubai housewives made it clear they’re not fond of each other on the premiere episode and have struggled to develop a friendship.

Stanbury’s refusal to invite Ayan to some of her wedding festivities certainly didn’t help.

At costar Nina Ali’s extravagant party, Caroline became upset when Chanel made an effort to have a “heart to heart” with Sergio.

Prior to that, even after several fiery encounters, Chanel agreed to join Caroline and her family for dinner.

Unfortunately, the family meal experience didn’t seem to change the sentiment between the two ladies of Dubai.

Only time will tell if Caroline Stanbury and Chanel Ayan can finally overcome past drama and cultivate a friendship… or even an acquaintanceship.

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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