RHODubai: Chanel Ayan poses in elegant key-hole gown with her husband and son

Chanel Ayan
Chanel Ayan showed off her elegant side to RHODubai fans while posing with her husband and son. Pic credit: Bravo

Chanel Ayan has become one of the standout housewives of Bravo’s latest franchise spinoff, The Real Housewives of Dubai.

She is known for her big personality, glamour, straightforwardness, and focus on family.

Chanel’s excellent style and feelings towards her husband Chris and son Taj were fully displayed in a recent post she shared on Instagram. Chanel wore an over-the-top couture gown as she stood next to Chris and Taj, whom she called, “My whole heart.”

Chanel touts herself as the first supermodel in Dubai and frequently talks about her humble beginnings in Kenya and her solid roots.

When she is not business-oriented, she has a sprawling social life that includes drama and fun with the other RHODubai ladies.

Chanel Ayan looked stunning in an elegant keyhole gown with her family

Chanel used her Instagram to share a photo geotagged at the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa at The Palm in Dubai.

She stood in the middle of her husband, Chris, and teenage son Taj as Taj had his arm around his mom’s shoulder, and Chris had his arm around his wife’s waist. Chanel and Chris have been married for 23 years, an accomplishment Chanel has loved talking about on the show.

Chanel wore an elegantly sparkled floor-length gown with a keyhole slit in the center. The couture dress, whose creator was tagged, had a collared look paired with a veil that Chanel wore on her head.

The bottom half of the dress was sheer, and Chanel wore her hair down. Her shoes were not pictured in the photo.

Chanel wrote a tribute to Taj and Chris in the caption, “My whole heart in this photo.”

Chanel Ayan is closest to Leesa Milan on RHODubai

Chanel and Leesa might have the tightest friendship out of the RHODubai group during this premiere season.

The pair have spoken about how often they are on the phone with each other, they consistently meet up for lunch or other occasions, and their families appear to know each other well. Chanel even spent Thanksgiving at Leesa’s house and gifted her a goat.

The pair have both had issues with this season’s emerging villain, Caroline Stanbury. Although, Chanel has tried to form a bridge with Caroline after they got off to a nasty start this season.

RHODubai airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo and is available Thursdays on Peacock

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