Ceaser is living it up after Dutchess split as chaos reigns supreme on Black Ink Crew Season 6

Ceaser on Black Ink Crew
Ceaser enjoying the single life after his split from Dutchess on Black Ink Crew Season 6

Black Ink Crew star Ceaser is back for Season 6, but this is the tattoo mogul like you’ve never seen him before. Because, as he says, this is Black Ink A.D. — “After Dutchess” — and he’s living it up more than ever as a very eligible bachelor following his split from Dutchess Lattimore.

Being newly single isn’t necessarily good for business, because as the trailer shows he now seems more interested in chasing women than he is in work, but he’s still intent on growing his empire. Question is, is it growing too quickly?

As the season starts, his 113th street store in a shambles with him dividing his time between NYC and his new shop in Atlanta, where his artist Sky is in her new job as manager.

Watch the Season 6 super-trailer below, which shows that Ceaser is not the only one with drama in his life. In the premiere, the Black Ink Atlanta anniversary party ends in chaos, while artist Donna gets a threatening phone call.

Meanwhile, don’t expect things to quieten down during the rest of the season, as things get crazy with nudity, violence, and even encounters with the law…

Black Ink Crew premieres tonight at 10/9c after the finale of Black Ink Crew: Chicago then goes to its regular spot at 9/8c from next Wednesday.

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