Ceaser from Black Ink Crew fight 2018: Has the Black Ink boss let fame get to his head?

Ceaser makes a toast at Young Bae's wedding
Has Ceaser let fame and success turn him into a bad boss? Pic credit: VH1

On the latest episode of Black Ink Crew, viewers got to see Young Bae’s wedding and while it was a lot of fun, the cast never lets us down when it comes to a good old fight. This time around, the fight (or fights) involved Ceaser, who let his “father of the bride” role go straight to his head.

What should have been Young Bae’s big day turned into yet another spotlight on Ceaser, who seemed to think that his generosity meant that he could control the guest list and everything else about the wedding.

While he was generous to foot the bill for Bae, the way Ceaser acted was over the top and not only was Bae upset, but Black Ink Crew fans are also making it clear that Ceaser continues to go overboard to the point where many viewers really don’t like him anymore.

Ceaser’s horseback riding moment and other “father of the bride” antics were entertaining yet arrogant but when he started confronting Bae about who she invited and then the invitees themselves, that itself was disrespectful to Bae, no matter how much cash he shelled out.

Things went from bad to worse when Oh S**t and his wife Nicky showed up to Young Bae’s rehearsal dinner. Ceaser told her to uninvite him but it was Young Bae’s wedding and she wanted him there.

Of course, no one could just enjoy the celebration and keep their own drama out of it. Ceaser took the opportunity to bring up a social media post that his former friend made about him, claiming that Ceaser never did anything for him.





While Ceaser had every right to be mad about the post, it was definitely the wrong time and the wrong place to bring it up. Ceaser lashed out at Oh S**t for claiming that Ceaser wasn’t there for him and a montage of old Black Ink Crew clips where he takes care of his (formerly?) drug-addicted friend played to prove his point.

Then, somehow, the argument between Ceaser and Oh S**t turned into a group thing where Donna jumped in. Many believe it was Donna’s mouth that led to Ceaser fighting with Alex and that in itself was epic.

Now everyone is mad at Ceaser and Teddy for going after Alex. We have to wonder why they didn’t try that on Oh S**t? Probably because he’s a lot bigger than Alex and would have stomped all over both of them.

Alex didn’t want to go to the wedding because Ceaser would be there and now, he probably wishes he hadn’t. Already fired from Black Ink, Alex and Donna really had nothing to lose going after Ceaser and at this point, it seems like everybody forgot that this was supposed to be Young Bae’s rehearsal dinner.

Has Ceaser gone too far?

Just in Season 7 alone, Ceaser has fired Jadah, Donna, Alex and Sky and the reasons for their firing them are sketchy at best.

Jadah was fired for showing up to New Orleans but she was invited by Miss Kitty. Making the firing even more unfair, Tati started the altercation with her as they worked to open the new shop and not only is Tati now dating Teddy but she’s been promoted too.

Donna sort of asked for it. She went too far with Ceaser and the new girl Tokie. After Tokie freaked out on the Black Ink Crew cast over some unrelated trauma, Donna told Ceaser it was her or Tokie and to pick. Well, that’s never a winning situation and she should have known better.

But firing Alex was a bit too much. He’d always been loyal to Ceaser and it’s not really fair for Ceaser to ask him to pick between the shop and his girlfriend.

That brings us to Sky, who had the most unfair firing of all. She wanted to open a boutique in Miami (and she did!) but when Ceaser found out, he forbid it and totally freaked out. It’s as if he wants to make sure he can tell his whole crew that he is the reason they have been successful and he can’t actually let them find success on their own.

If Ceaser continues his rampage of arrogance, he will alienate everyone that he has left on Black Ink Crew. Maybe that’s why he went so over the top with Bae’s wedding. He has to take care of the few loyal crew members that he has or Black Ink Crew might as well be called The Ceaser Emanuel Show because no one else will even want to be around him.

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1. 

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