Ceaser from Black Ink Crew: Age, net worth, and everything else you need to know

Ceaser Emmanuel parties in New Orleans while opening up another Black Ink shop
Ceaser Emanuel never lets us down when it comes to drama on Black Ink Crew. Pic credit: VH1

Black Ink Crew is back on VH1 and with that comes a lot of questions about the boss, Ceaser Emanuel. While watching Ceaser open yet another tattoo shop, viewers began to wonder about the tattoo artist turned reality star.

What is Ceaser’s net worth and how old is he? Where did the VH1 star grow up? We’ve got the answers.

Ceaser has been incredibly successful in his tattoo shop ventures, having opened up shop in Harlem, Atlanta, and now New Orleans on Black Ink Crew. What you may not know from watching the series is that there’s another Black Ink in Orlando too.

When it comes to Ceaser’s net worth, that can be tricky to answer. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ceaser Emanuel is worth $2.5million. It’s not clear where that figure comes from but based on his businesses and lucrative VH1 deal, it could be accurate or close. It could also be a lot higher.

However, on the Black Ink Crew Season 7 premiere, it looked like Ceaser might have a lot of his money invested back into his businesses. When no one showed up to the Black Ink New Orleans party, Ceaser lost his temper and dumped a huge tray of crawfish in anger.

While flipping out on his castmates, Ceaser yelled about how big of a deal the party fail really was. With everyone’s livelihood on the line, he angrily explained that he’s half a million dollars in the hole and he needs the New Orleans shop to work out.

Clearly, opening up shop in a new location — let alone a new city and state — is very risky and also very stressful.

On the premiere, we also saw Black Ink Crew celebrate Ceaser Emanuel’s birthday. While it looked like the crew was having a lot of fun as they partied hard in the Big Easy, there was drama there too.

What this means is that the series was filmed on and around June 5, which is Ceaser’s birthday. This makes Ceaser a Gemini.

Born in 1979, Ceaser Emanuel is now 39 years old. He was born in The Bronx and his birth name is actually David. Ceaser’s mother was a Jamaican model who came to New York City before he was born.

While he has always been an artist, Ceaser didn’t turn to tattooing right away. While he’s interested in ink and covered most of his body before he could legally drink, Ceaser actually went to college and got his Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Arts from Katherine Gibbs College.

It wasn’t until after Ceaser’s daughter Cheyenne was born that he turned to the tattoo business to make a bit of money. Obviously, this career change was a great move for the Black Ink Crew boss. He started Black Ink in Harlem then turned his tattoo business into a reality show and the rest is history.

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1. 

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