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CBS issued statement on Big Brother cast member accused of using N-word

Memphis Garrett CBS Defense
Memphis Garrett from Big Brother All-Stars appears to have been cleared by the network. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars made it to TMZ in another negative way and that led to people from CBS contacting the news organization about what had happened on the live feeds.

As we previously reported, Memphis Garrett was having a conversation with Cody Calafiore on the live feeds. During part of it, some of the live feed subscribers thought that Memphis used the N-word to describe David Alexander.

Fans were split on what they were hearing on the live feeds, even after listening to the video a number of times. The negative way that Memphis had been acting toward other members of the BB22 cast may have led to some of those beliefs.

Now, CBS has reached out to TMZ about the audio clip and given an official statement about what took place in that Memphis and Cody conversation.

What did CBS tell TMZ?

TMZ updated an earlier article on the topic and shared what CBS had to say about the conversation.

TMZ reported that CBS said, “producers have listened to the scene using enhanced audio. Additionally, the Network’s program practices team isolated and played back the scene several different ways using professional, studio-grade audio equipment. After close examination, it has been determined a racial epithet was not said or uttered.”

That seems to put an end to the controversy, even though there are probably going to be some fans who disagree with the findings.

Big Brother spoilers present strong coincidence

After Ian Terry got evicted on Thursday night, the houseguests played for the power again. We now know who the new Head of Household is and it will be interesting to see what happens with nominations.

Memphis Garrett is the new HOH. He just won a puzzle challenge to get the HOH Room back. And he already forecasted that he wants to nominate David Alexander for eviction. Quite the coincidence for Week 7.

Last time he was the HOH, Memphis nominated David and Nicole Anthony for eviction. The Power of Veto wasn’t played and Nicole got sent home. Now, it appears that Memphis is ready to take another shot at David.

For anyone who doesn’t know about it yet, the Big Brother schedule is going to shift in the next few weeks. It’s going to make the episodes more constrained within the week on CBS, with television viewers have already been experiencing with Love Island USA.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

I am done with big brother, racists, bullies, and just plain assholes, there is no game play. It’s all about the 3 bullies Tyler, Cody and Memphis. And what is all the chatter about deals made while they were quarantined?

Queen b
Queen b
2 years ago

Memphis is a racist. Plain and simple CBS should be ashamed of their self letting a racist return

Susan Sibbert
Susan Sibbert
2 years ago

Memphis not a racist. It’s a fact now he did NOT say the N word. Rob has a Podcast (Taran) was correct. Heard it properly.