Catherine Giudici opens up about parenting ‘very emotional’ kids with Sean Lowe

Catherine Giudici
Catherine Giudici opens up about parenting her kids when they have tantrums. Pic credit: ABC

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe are one of the success stories from the show The Bachelor, as they left the show engaged, got married, and now have three kids together.

The couple just recently celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary and seem more in love now than ever.

As they have navigated their relationship from husband and wife, to mom and dad, the duo plays parenting games, Sean leaves notes around the house for Catherine if he’s gone, and they dance to their wedding song every time it comes on the radio to keep their romance alive.

However, as parents of three young children with tantrums and breakdowns galore, Catherine talks about how she manages the drama with their kids.

Catherine Giudici talks about the struggles of having three children under five and parenting their tantrums

Having three kids under five would be challenging for any parent, which is exactly the scenario Sean and Catherine are in. Samuel is 5, Isaiah is 3, and Mia is 2.

When asked about her children’s personalities, Catherine stated that Samuel “is sensitive and very emotional,” Isaiah “is happy go lucky,” and Mia, the baby of the family, “is a drama queen.”

In an Us Weekly interview, Catherine stated that she and Sean have been learning over time how to deal with each child separately as an individual.

She declared, “I always think, ‘What would I want Sean Lowe to do when I come to him?’ Because tantrums are when they’re comfortable with you. Whenever there’s a tantrum, I’m like, ‘That’s what I do to Sean Lowe.’ Like, I’m great in front of everybody else, but I come home and vent to my husband because I know he’s going to love me unconditionally.”

Catherine went on to say, “So when my kids do that to me, I have to take it as them loving me and feeling safe with me.” She also talked about the fact that she hopes “Samuel, Isaiah, and Mia will continue to come to her and feel safe doing so.”

Catherine talks about how great of a dad and husband Sean Lowe is

As a couple and parents, Catherine discussed the fact that she and Sean are great communicators with one another and understand what they need from each other.

She also complimented Sean on being a great dad and that she continues to learn from him each day. Catherine also said, “He calms me down. He also teaches me how to treat my children when they’re venting to me.”

When asked if there would be more kids added to the Lowe family, Catherine stated emphatically that no more biological kids would be joining them.

Moreover, she said that “Raising the three kids she already has is ‘fulfilling, rewarding, and also overwhelming.”

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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