Catelynn Baltierra shares heartbreaking news over coronavirus: ‘I really wish to hug her one last time before she passes’

Tyler Baltierra
Catelynn Baltierra shares a heartbreaking update. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Baltierra has shared a heartbreaking photo on Instagram.

The photo is in response to the self-isolations that are taking place all over the country due to coronavirus.

While the Teen Mom stars have said little about the virus, Catelynn wanted to show fans just how they are dealing with it.

Catelynn revealed that she has a great grandmother who she can’t see because of the risk of contamination.

Catelynn Baltierra shared a heartbreaking photo

The reality star shared the photo of herself, her husband Tyler Baltierra, and their daughter Nova standing outside a house.

Inside is her great grandmother.

In the Instagram post, Catelynn reveals that she has to see her 88-year-old great grandmother through a window to protect her. The reason why they can’t see her in person is because of the spread of the coronavirus.

But one statement is quite powerful — that she wishes to hug her just one more time before she passes away.

Catelynn didn’t go into detail as to what is wrong with her great grandmother. However, she is hinting that she won’t survive the next couple of weeks while they are self-isolating.

Exposing themselves to her, whether they are showing symptoms or not, can be too big of a risk. They could have the virus without showing symptoms.

The Teen Mom OG couple has yet to address how they are staying safe during these troublesome times, but they did go outside to go see her great grandmother through the window.

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra have baby fever

Tyler and Catelynn have kept a low profile while filming the newest season of Teen Mom OG. Whenever they were in the news, it was over rumors that they couldn’t shake.

Tyler and Catelynn have already battled divorce and pregnancy rumors for months with stories that were hinting they were splitting up or they were pregnant.

Some stories appeared to combine the stories, revealing that they were on the path to divorce while Catelynn was pregnant.

This already happened before, as the two decided to take a break, while Catelynn was pregnant with the couple’s third daughter. They are now back together.

Plus, Tyler has revealed he has baby fever, and he’s ready to have another child. The two have three daughters together, where they placed their first-born up for adoption.

Teen Mom OG premieres Tuesday, March 17 at 8/7c on MTV.