Cassidy Timbrooks finds out her boyfriend has another girlfriend

Cassidy Timbrooks
Cassidy Timbrooks finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. Pic credit: ABC

Cassidy Timbrooks started out as a bit of a villain on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, especially on the group date with Hilary Duff as the guest.

However, since the show was filmed and aired, Cassidy has gained some fame as a social media influencer, growing her following and fan base more and more.

After she was sent home for supposedly having a backup plan or friends with benefits if it didn’t work out with Clayton, Cassidy apparently had a new guy.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that relationship and boyfriend status will be holding up now after all.

Cassidy Timbrooks’ new boyfriend has another girlfriend

Turns out the guy Cassidy was dating also had another girlfriend, too. Cassidy took to her Instagram reels to post a video of herself and a written caption as well.

Cassidy wrote, “me thinking he’s my boyfriend but then his girlfriend dms me :).”

After she moves out of the screen, there was a featured message that Cassidy included in the video from the other woman her supposed boyfriend was also dating.

The message stated, “Hi Cassidy I would love to talk to you about something when you have a minute let me know. I think we both would benefit from having a conversation with each other!!”

Cassidy then replied back to this girl and said, “hey girl! What’s up!”

The message she received back was one in which the girl gave Cassidy her phone number and asked Cassidy to call her.

Bachelor Nation fans respond to seeing Cassidy Timbrooks’ video reel

The first group of fans couldn’t believe what they had just watched as @bachelorspill posted, “oh noooo,” and another guy wrote, “Why do men.”

Another guy wanted the details of what happened after Cassidy talked to the other woman as he begged, “Part 2 nowwwww,” and one woman was disgusted with what she had just watched as she declared, “So unhinged.”

Fans talk about Cassidy Timbrooks' boyfriend's secret.
Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

Others were definitely Team Cassidy as they pleaded for her to put his name out there for the world to know, saying, “EXPOSE HIM” and “Expose him queen.”

Yet one other follower was wondering what happened next with the guy, the other girl, and Cassidy’s response to both of them after finding out this news.

Fans want Cassidy to expose who her boyfriend is/was.
Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

Cassidy’s stint on The Bachelor

After Cassidy was called out by a few of the women on the show, specifically Sierra Jackson, for having another guy back home, Clayton, despite having a physical connection to Cassidy, sent her packing.

While Cassidy started out on the show as quite the diva and possible villain, after she left, Shanae Ankney picked up that slack rather quickly and became known as one of the worst villains in franchise history.

However, although Cassidy caused a bit of a stir during her short time on the show, she has seemed to gain the attention of fans as an influencer as she moves forward.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11 at 8/7c on ABC.

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