Cassidy Timbrook reveals her mother mistook her for Shanae Ankney 

Cassidy Timbrooks
Cassidy Timbrooks shares amusing text messages between her and her mom. Pic credit: ABC

Cassidy Timbrooks was an early villain on The Bachelor Season 26 before being sent home and having her rose taken away in an unprecedented moment for the franchise. 

While Cassidy’s time on the show was short-lived, her acquaintance in the house Shanae Ankney quickly took her place as the season’s ultimate villain. 

With Cassidy and Shanae having several external and internal similarities, it’s possible they could get mistaken for one another, and it turns out Cassidy’s mother did just that. 

Cassidy Timbrooks’ shares text messages of her mother mistaking her for Shanae Ankney 

Bachelor Nation’s verified Instagram account shared a promotional video for this season’s Women Tell All. 

In the video, several women from The Bachelor Season 26 cast show off their dresses and hold roses. 

Cassidy Timbrooks was featured with a rose in the video as well as Shanae Ankney. Both Cassidy and Shanae wore their blonde hair down with a side part, however, Cassidy wore a blue dress and Shanae wore a red gown. 

Cassidy’s mom watched the WTA video and had a humorous confession to make, which Cassidy shared on her Instagram stories. Cassidy’s post featured a text change between her and her mom. 

Cassidy’s mom texted, “I birthed you, but even I thought fora half second that this person in the red dress was you!” 

Getting a laugh out of her mom’s text, Cassidy replied back, “…..shanae??” with two laughing emojis. 

Cassidy’s mother owned the mistake as she wrote, “Yup” and Cassidy replied, “Omg mom.” 

Cassidy Timbrooks
Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

Cassidy Timbrook was eliminated from The Bachelor in unprecedented fashion 

Cassidy Timbrook’s appearance on The Bachelor was brief, but she still managed to ruffle feathers and cause drama. 

The women in the house weren’t the biggest fans of Cassidy after she refused to help out on the first group date of the season, instead opting to hog Clayton’s time and chat with celebrity guest Hilary Duff.

While Cassidy already wasn’t making a great first impression with the women, the nail in the coffin was when she appeared to imply to costar Sierra Jackson that she had a man waiting for her back home.

Sierra exposed Cassidy to Clayton and, despite initially receiving the group date rose, Clayton took Cassidy’s rose away and sent her packing. 

Cassidy was then met with a lot of hateful and vitriolic comments online and her mother even had to step in to come to her daughter’s defense. 

Since then, it appears Cassidy is learning to find humor in her experience on the show. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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