Cashay Proudfoot said she it would be her dream to be on Dancing With the Stars

Cashay Proudfoot from Dancing With the Stars
Cashay Proudfoot from Dancing With the Stars. Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland went on Instagram Live to talk to fans and answer some questions.

The two dropped the bomb that, despite being on a reality show with Love Island USA, they never watched reality TV.

Cinco said he had never watched anything before.

Cashay backtracked and said she loved The Bachelor and had watched Love Island USA, but that was it for her.

However, she changed it up once again when someone asked about Dancing With the Stars.

Cashay Proudfoot wants to be on Dancing With the Stars

Cashay Proudfoot didn’t realize Dancing With the Stars was considered reality TV and when someone mentioned it, she lit up.

“Oh guys, wait, is Dancing With the Stars considered a reality TV show? ” Cashay asked at around the 32:30 minute mark of the Live session. “If it is, then yes! That’s the only one I would do. That’s my dream!”

With Love Island USA a newcomer to the reality TV scene in comparison to other shows, the presence of these reality stars is not part of the cast as of yet.

This season, the Dancing With the Stars cast includes a Real Housewives star in Kenya Moore and a Bachelor star in Matt James.

Anyone who watched Love Island USA Season 3 knows that Cashay loves dancing more than anything. She said that it makes her the happiest and since leaving, many of Cashay’s live videos on Instagram show her dancing in clubs.

Cashay loves dancing, and if Dancing With the Stars calls her, there is almost a 100% chance she says yes and heads out to try to win the Mirrorball trophy.

Cashay would be a perfect addition to the dancing reality show if the time was right.

Cashay and Cinco also reveal they are “together”

Cashay and Cinco have not officially revealed they were a couple yet, but they came the closest they ever have in this Instagram Live video.

Cashay was answering questions from fans and when one asked why she would ever cook a meal for a guy she wasn’t officially with, Cashay had the perfect answer.

“We are together,” she said. “f**k off.”

She went on to say that they are still taking it slow and chilling, unlike other couples like Josh and Shannon and Will and Kyra, but they will be the ones who reveal when their relationship takes the next big step.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. You can relive the third season on Paramount+ streaming.

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