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Captain Lee talks tip process and reveals worst Below Deck tip ever

Captain Lee explains Below Deck tipping and admits the lowest tip his crew ever got on show.

Captain Lee is no stranger to dealing with not so great tips from not so great charter guests. Pic credit: BravoCaptain Lee Rosbach is talking about the tip process on Below Deck and revealing the worst tip his crew ever received.

Fans of Below Deck Mediterranean have watched as two charter guests left what The Wellington crew felt were dismal tips. One is Justin Thornton, who even defended his amount. Second is the most recent charter guest, Johnny Damon, who only left $1,000 more than Justin.

Those cast on the Bravo yachting franchise makes a fair amount of cash from the tips, especially since filming is only six weeks and charters are a couple of days long. However, for every tip that ends with a champagne toast, there is one that is not up to snuff.

Breaking down the tip process

Captain Lee is known as the Below Deck boss. The beloved captain has been with the Bravo show since day one, so he is the expert fans listen to regarding all things Below Deck.

One fan asked Captain Lee about the tipping process on Twitter. He was more than happy to oblige, which is par for the course for the captain. Anyone who follows him on social media knows Captain Lee loves to answer fan questions.

The captain shared that everyone in his crew earns the same amount of tip. Even those crew members that are not seen on camera, such as the first mate and engineer.

“We all split equal on my boat. That’s not always the case, but every Capt I know that’s worth a damn does it that way,” he Tweeted.

Captain Lee doesn’t allow personal tips for his crew either. He explained that all individual tips go into the overall tip pool. The captain expects anyone on his team who does receive a personal tip to let him know, so it goes into the pot.

Whether on Below Deck or another yacht he in charge of, Captain Lee and his crew are a team no matter what happens.

Worst tip ever on Below Deck

It comes as no surprise the worst tip Captain Lee ever got on Below Deck was from Season 1.


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Captain Lee from Below Deck recently replied to tweets about how tipping works on yachts and discusses getting a bad tip! He also said: • Everyone on the yacht gets a share, Captain Included— parts of the team you don’t see on the show such as the First Officer and The Engineer are given their share as well. • Season one of Below Deck the crew received some bad tips, most falling at only 10% or less. Info: ?: @captain_lee_rosbach ———————— #belowdeck #belowdeckmed #belowdecksailing #belowdeckmediterranean #belowdecksailingyacht #belowdeckyacht #reality #realitytvdrama #realityshows #realityquotes #bravo #bravotv #chiefstew #promotion #yacht #yachtcharter #loveyourself #captainsandy #captainlee #bugsydrake #hannahferrier #thewellington #boat #luxurylifestyle #tipping #tip #gratuity #serviceindustry #crew #yachtieslife

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The Honor crew got dismal tips the entire season, with most coming in under 10 percent. An average tip on the Bravo show is 15 to 20 percent.

There was one charter group in particular that left what the captain referred to as a pathetic tip. However, Captain Lee did not share specifics regrating the guests. He did spill that there is always a tip given on Below Deck even if it is not great.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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