Cameron’s ex-girlfriend speaks out after MAFS star sends her fake cease and desist

MAFS star Cameron Frazer screenshot
Cameron Frazer’s ex speaks out. Pic credit: Lifetime

Cameron Frazer is at the center of the controversy surrounding the Married at First Sight Season 17 cast after he confessed to plotting out the season.

The women claim Cameron was the mastermind behind the plan to deceive the MAFS experts, producers, and viewers.

Cameron denied that he was leading the charge but leaked text messages allegedly between him and his ex Clare Kerr prove otherwise.

Many MAFS viewers were siding with Cameron, but a woman claiming to be his ex-girlfriend has been spilling the tea on Reddit about his conniving ways.

This is not the first time the woman has spoken out after seeing her ex’s behavior on the popular Lifetime series.

Cameron has also caught wind of her comments online and sent her a cease-and-desist, which she quickly realized was fake.

Cameron Frazer’s alleged ex-girlfriend speaks out

Reddit users want Cameron’s ex-girlfriend to spill the tea about the MAFS star, but the last time she did that he tried to silence her.

@mafsfan shared screenshots of several messages posted by the woman.

“Spill the tea girl. He comes off as a creep and manipulator,” wrote a Reddit user.

“You’re spot on,” responded Cameron’s ex who noted that she tried to share information about his behavior but he sent her a “phony cease and desist email.”

The woman noted how she feels sorry for Cameron’s estranged wife Clare, “because I completely understand and resonate with what she’s sharing and what she went through.”

“My biggest takeaway is that anyone who has encountered someone like Cameron knows exactly what I’m talking about,” she added.

Meanwhile, she also shared a copy of the cease and desist order that Cameorn sent which her lawyer confirmed was fake.

There are also text messages between her and Cameron where she references his “cruel” treatment of Clare and tells him “Please stop traumatizing women.”

MAFS viewers are starting to turn on Cameron

At first, MAFS viewers were Team Cameron, but now fans of the show are starting to see his manipulative ways after his performance at the reunion.

One viewer questioned, “We saw Cameron be manipulative in real time with Clare and y’all are still on his side…?”

“I dont believe cameron,” added someone else before writing, “I dont disagree that there was a plan but not like claire FORCED cameron to come up with something against his will.”

One person reasoned, “The dating scene in Denver must be limited AF bc ain’t no way Clare should remotely consider dating Cameron or being friends with him. He’s toxic AF.”

One viewer added, “At this point, I’m wondering if Cameron’s accent is even real 🤣🤣🤣.”

Are you Team Cameron or Team Clare? Who do you believe is telling the truth?

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Kerry Conant
Kerry Conant
1 month ago

There is no such thing as a “Fake” cease and desist letter. One certainly does not need to hire a lawyer to send one either. You can send them yourself. Clare is nothing more than a gas lighter and pot stirrer. She flat lied about Brendan double dating to help finalize that break up. Clare’s body language said it all. Pfffft!