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Cameron Whitcomb says American Idol fans haven’t seen the last of him

Cameron Whitcomb sings on American Idol
Cameron Whitcomb sings on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

In one of the least surprising eliminations on American Idol’s Top 20 round, Cameron Whitcomb went home.

The very energetic singer could barely stand still when singing throughout the competition, and he often did a backflip after his performances to put a ribbon on it.

That might be what did him in.

Cameron’s American Idol journey

Throughout the entire competition, the judges asked him to slow himself down because the more he moved around, the less control he had over his voice.

He agreed to hold the mic stand for mentor Bebe Rexha, but immediately cast it aside and kept running around, making her exasperated that he didn’t listen to anything she told him.

Fans also saw his unwillingness to listen to the guidance and he wasn’t in their top 10.

It was up to the judges to save him.

This ended up as the only time that Cameron took their advice and kept calm while performing. When Katy Perry asked, he said he wanted to win and stay in the competition, so he did what they said.

It was also his best vocal performance of the competition, which was no surprise.

However, the judges sent him home.

He responded with a backflip after their decision.

Cameron said fans haven’t seen the last of him after American Idol

Cameron took the elimination in style and posted a message for his fans on Instagram.

“I started with a backflip and it ends with a backflip,” Cameron wrote. “Thank you so much to all the support through out my time on @AmericanIdol. I met my best friend (AVA!) and got to sing some amazing songs. THANK YOU! You haven’t heard the last of me yet.”

“You have all changed my life. I love you.”

When Cameron came to the audition, he shocked the judges when his singing voice and speaking voice sounded so different. He admitted he never had proper training.

Lionel Richie originally voted no because he felt Cameron needed more time, but Luke Bryan and Katy Perry pushed him on through.

“The entire experience has changed my life,” Cameron told CTV News. “American Idol has given me the platform to build something.”

“I don’t want this fire to end and just want to keep it going. It seems like people are reaching out to me and there’s tons of opportunity now.”

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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