Caelynn Miller-Keyes says she and Dean Unglert ‘defied the odds’ after finding love on Bachelor in Paradise

Caelyn wears rings on her date with Dean
Dean woos Caelynn on their first date in paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Caelynn and Dean faced several challenges in their relationship both on Bachelor in Paradise and afterwards but, against all odds, the couple has managed to stay together. 

Now, having celebrated their 2 year anniversary, Caelynn spoke out about how her relationship has surpassed both her and fans expectations. 

Caelynn and Dean get caught in the middle of drama

Before meeting Caelynn on Season 6 of BIP, Dean had been on Season 4 of the series. During that time, he stirred up a lot of controversy for being caught in the middle of a heated love triangle, one in which Dean ended up breaking both womens’ hearts. 

Caelynn also was no stranger to being at the center of BIP drama. On Season 6, Caelynn revealed that fellow BIP costar, Blake Horstmann, had hooked up with both her and fellow contestant, Kristina Schulman, during the same weekend at Stagecoach.

Caelynn felt Blake treated her rudely and dismissively afterward, telling her to lie about their past while on Bachelor in Paradise because it was a “mistake.”

The situation got even messier when Blake tried to defend his name by exposing emotional texts that Caelynn sent him during that weekend. 

The drama started to make Caelynn feel unhappy being on the island but that all changed when Dean Unglert came in week two. Caelynn claimed that she had been most eager for Dean to show up to the island and was immediately interested in him. 

The two hit it off, although they had their differences. One of the most notable issues was Dean wanting to be a free-spirit that lived in a van and traveled around, whereas Caelynn was more conventional. 

Overtime, Dean began to feel like their two lifestyles wouldn’t work so he dumped Caelynn on her birthday. However, shortly after, Dean returned to paradise and asked Caelynn to leave with him. 

Caelynn agreed to walk away from the show and try and make her relationship with Dean work. 

Bachelor Nation had quite a few skeptics who were unsure that Caelynn could adapt to Dean’s unique lifestyle and beloved van, but Caelynn appeared to fully embrace Dean and his way of life. 

Caelynn and Dean are planting roots together 

Speaking with US Weekly, Caleynn admitted that she understands how people could be skeptics saying, “It’s funny. I don’t think a single person thought that we were going to last and even we were like, ‘No I don’t know what’s going to happen here.’ So we definitely defied the odds.” 

After going strong for two years, Caelynn credits the longevity of their unique relationship to them not listening to doubters and negative people and just living their lives. 

It appears the two have found ways to merge their lifestyles, with Caelynn going on free-spirited adventures with Dean and Dean agreeing to settle down when the two recently purchased a home together outside of Vegas, forgoing living in the van full time. 

The two also compromised on their views of marriage. Caelynn likes the idea of getting married but Dean prefers their relationship be more untraditional. 

In order to find a balance that works for them, Dean wears a ring on his finger and he explained the symbolism of the ring, stating, “It’s our way of telling the world or the people that we’re around that we’re committed to each other.” 

Dean and Caelynn found a committed love through Bachelor in Paradise and we’ll see if there will be more BIP success stories when all-new alumni show up to paradise this summer. 

Bachelor in Paradise returns Monday, August 16 at 8/7c on ABC

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