Brooks Marks on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City: What to know about Meredith’s fashion savvy son

Meredith Marks and family during an episode of RHOSLC
Here’s what we know about Meredith Marks’ son Brooks Marks Pic credit: Bravo

While he may not be a housewife, Meredith Marks’ son Brooks Marks has become a fan favorite on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Brooks took a semester off from college while his mother filmed the premiere season of the show.  He has a knack for fashion and design and his passion was showcased on the most recent episode of RHOSLC.

During Park City Fashion Week, Brooks debuted his fashion as the youngest designer to have a show at the event.

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Brooks was grateful for the opportunity and told Page Six, “Honestly, I did not realize how much goes into a fashion show; it was an incredible learning experience for me. I thought all I had to do was show up and bring my clothing and fit everyone and make sure my clothing looked great.”

He was happy to experience the ins and outs of producing a show and felt it was an excellent learning opportunity.

As far as his own fashion designs, Brooks described his current preference and said, “Right now, my main priority in fashion is comfort. So aside from my clothing being comfortable to wear, I want people to feel comfortable in it. The tracksuit isn’t just for one body. It’s really genderless and it’s for everyone.”

Did Brooks take the semester off to be on the show?

As fans have gotten to know Brooks over the last few episodes of RHOSLC, many speculate that he intentionally took time off from school to be able to make a name for himself on the show.

During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy asked, “Did Brooks take a semester off from school so that he could be on the show with you, or what was that about?  That’s the speculation,”

Meredith denied the claim and said she encouraged all of her children to take a semester off from college to better prepare themselves for their future.

She said, “My oldest son Reid took his junior year second semester off and worked in London. Brooks chose to spend his second semester junior year developing his brand, which coincided with the show. And Chloe will take second semester junior year off as well to do something.  I’m a strong proponent [of it]. It gives them an extra internship and an extra summer internship. And so I just think it positions them better in the world.”

Meredith advised her children as a successful business owner herself.

Brooks’ future plans

During an interview with The Daily Dish, Brooks elaborated on his decision to take the semester off and said, “Spring of 2020, I was planning to take a semester off because I wanted to work on my brand, and I wanted to support my mom. And it’s something my parents feel strongly about.”

Brooks felt the leave would help him advance in his career.  After the semester was over, Brooks returned to New York City.

He is currently attending school at NYU and continues to work on his clothing line, which is set to debut on next week’s episode of RHOSLC.

While he may not be a housewife, Brooks has managed to garner a lot of screen time.  Fans can continue to watch his journey with the fashion industry as the RHOSLC season continues to play out.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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