Broken Roots on making Wild Card history on Season 15 of America’s Got Talent

Broken Roots on America's Got Talent
Broken Roots: Pic credit: Chris Haston/NBC

After the America’s Got Talent Live Shows, music duo Broken Roots, made up of Joey Karczewski, aka Joey Kar, and Austin Weinstock were not on the short list for the semifinals. They hadn’t been voted through by America, so they figured they were done.

But when Thomas Day had to drop out of the competition – he contracted the COVID-19 virus, the producers asked them back as a Wild Card, which they eagerly accepted.

“Thankfully, we got a second chance at this and another opportunity to show the world who we are as individuals and as artists together,” Austin told Monsters & Critics. “It is an amazing feeling and immeasurable excitement.”

No act that re-entered the AGT competition as a Wild Card has ever won a season, but All That made the Top 3 in Season 1. Now Broken Roots is making AGT history. They are only the second Wild Card to make it to the finale.

Before their final performance on Tuesday night, we had the opportunity to speak to them about what the experience has taught them, what they would do with the $1 million prize, and more.

Monsters & Critics: What has this experience taught you?

Austin Weinstock: This has been an amazing experience and I’ve learned that of all the different types of talents that we’ve had as a group, we can all come together and support each other. It is almost opposite of what everybody would view their competition as. We all show each other amazing support. We love and care about each other. We have actually become a small little AGT family. We have built friendships in this journey that we will hold forever. That’s the most important thing I have learned outside of the show stuff.

M&C: What is the dream you hope for when this is all over?

Joey Karczewski: The dream is a music school for kids. That is definitely on the books. We want to give back to the community. Number two for us is opportunity. We want to be able to do this for the rest of our lives and enjoy playing music and doing what we love.

I got out of law enforcement. I was not happy and I needed to be happy. God put me on this planet to be happy. Music makes me happy; people make me happy. So, I gave up something that was already successful for a hope and a dream. I need this to work and Austin needs to get out of it. Things are really bad. We need to get out of the negative world and get into the positive world. It would give us a chance to smile for the rest of our lives.

Broken Roots Pic credit: Chris Haston/NBC

M&C: What would you do with the $1 million if you won?

Austin: Just about a million thoughts

Joey: In the end, obviously, paying bills and having happiness for our families is going to be the first breath of fresh air. But a school for kids is a big possibility. We are big into charity. We are big into helping. There are so many things you can do with that type of money. There isn’t really one answer. They just have to be all good answers and do good things.

M&C: As you mentioned, you left real jobs in law enforcement to follow this dream. What are your thoughts on following your dream?

Joey: It is opportunity and we believe we deserve to be here. We believe we are talented and we believe we are likable, so it is a solidifying effect that you do good, you get good. Don’t cheat to get there. Do the right thing and one day you are going to get there. Nice guys do finish last, but at the same time, at least you finish.

How do you decide which song you are going to perform since there are two of you?

Austin:  It is actually very difficult. I come from a strong-rooted country musical background and Joey comes from a strong-rooted rock background. So, for us to try to mesh everything together, we really try to push the two genres together into the middle to find out what we can blend and make the best, and sound the best. It is even more difficult when you try to choose a song that you want to convey a message with or through, something that you feel.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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