Bravo EP confirms that Lisa Vanderpump did leak Puppygate story to the press

Lisa Vanderpump on RHOBH
In regards to the RHOBH Puppygate scandal, evidence has come out that Lisa Vanderpump did leak the story about Dorit Kemsley to the press. Pic credit: Bravo

After years of debate, the truth has finally come out about Lisa Vanderpump’s involvement in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ infamous Puppygate.

Lisa’s RHOBH costar accused her of leaking a story about Dorit Kemsley returning a puppy to Vanderpump Dogs to the press.

Lisa denied these claims, but it turns the lie detector test she took may not have fully proved her innocence.

In the recent Real Housewives exposé Not All Diamonds and Rosé, an RHOBH executive producer claimed that Lisa did in fact leak the story to the press.

“When Lisa lost the narrative in the show, and she realized that it wasn’t going the way she wanted, that’s when she leaked the story to the press,” EP Chris Cullen said in the book.

Apparently, Lisa also tried to recruit the producers to “sit the cast down” and persuade them that she didn’t leak the story as she had been claiming on the show.

However, the executive producer maintained they never obliged.

This comes after Lisa Vanderpump exposed Kyle Richards for gossiping about her alleged friend Erika Jayne’s legal drama years before the lawsuits.

Lisa Vanderpump maintained her innocence on RHOBH Season 9

Puppygate took over the entirety of RHOBH Season 9. In what we now know was Lisa Vanderpump’s attempt to stay relevant, Puppygate kicked off right from the first episode.

Teddi Mellencamp claims she was recruited by Lisa to inquire about Puppygate to her staff at Vanderpump Dogs.

Lisa’s staff pointed out which dog was the one Dorit returned to Teddi and Kyle Richards.

When they pressed on, Lisa insisted she didn’t want to talk about it. However, Teddi claimed that was the opposite of true.

Once the story got out on RHOBH, Dorit explained her side of the story. She stated she adopted the puppy from Vanderpump Dogs but felt it wasn’t a good fit for her family.

She ended up giving the dog to someone else who then brought the dog to a shelter. The shelter had deduced that the dog was from Vanderpump Dogs and sent it back there. This greatly upset Lisa Vanderpump, understandably so.

Once the story made its way to the press, that’s when the drama on RHOBH exploded.

The RHOBH cast called Lisa Vanderpump a liar

The battle alienated Lisa from the rest of the cast. Most of the cast didn’t believe Lisa when she said she didn’t leak the story to the press, and apparently, they were right.

It even cost Lisa her longtime friendship with Kyle when Kyle said the other ladies didn’t believe Lisa. The part that got Lisa was that Kyle said that she too couldn’t trust Lisa.

Lisa even went as far as to get a lie detector test to prove her innocence.

She eventually ended up quitting RHOBH Season 9 partway through filming.

She since hasn’t returned to the series. However, Lisa has said that she would so long as certain prerequisites were met.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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