Braunwyn’s daughter Rowan tearfully recounts how the RHOC star treated her while she battled an eating disorder

Rowan Windham-Burke makes surprising claims against the RHOC star
Are Braunwyn Windham-Burke and her daughter Rowan at odds? Pic credit: @rowanwindhamburke/Instagram/Bravo

Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s daughter Rowan is sharing some surprising details about The Real Housewives of Orange County star.

And it seems the teenager is not happy with the way her mom handled her eating disorder.

Interestingly, Braunwyn has had her own battle with alcoholism which she is sharing on the current season of RHOC.

The mom-of-seven has been very vocal about the lack of support she has received from her castmates during her battle with sobriety.

But, maybe Braunwyn shouldn’t be so hard on her costars after all, because her daughter is accusing her of doing the same thing.

Rowan talks about her eating disorder

The teenager recently posted a video on YouTube talking about her battle with an eating disorder.

And it seems her mom didn’t give the teenager the support she needed during her ordeal.

In the clip, Rowan tearfully recounts an incident where Braunwyn got frustrated with her about the eating disorder and didn’t want her in the house.

“Every time I think about that night I cry,” confessed the 18-year-old while wiping away tears.

“So basically that night I got home and it was really intense. My mom tends to do this thing where she doesn’t react in the best way, especially at first…So I remember one of those things that she told me was she told me ‘you won’t even eat a f*#ing vegetable ‘ and that stuck with me for a really long time.”

The teenager says the RHOC star brought her little sister over to her, “And basically making me feel bad like saying I couldn’t even eat a vegetable for her.”

Rowan says Braunwyn didn’t want her in the house

Rowan was emotional while talking about the incident involving The Real Housewives of Orange County star.

She continued to explain what happened during the altercation with her mom.

“My mom didn’t want me in the house so I went to a hotel with my dad and we stayed there for a bit, and then we went home.”

The teenager says the next day Braunwyn didn’t want her in the house, so she was sent to school and a few hours later she was sent away to a popular eating disorder center.

While recounting the incident, Rowan admitted, “That was intense. And obviously, I had zero food in me, I was brain dead at the time too dealing with all of this.”

So far, the RHOC cast member has not responded to the claims made by Rowan, but it’s clear that the mother-daughter duo is not exactly on the best terms right now.

A few days ago, the teenager even liked a tweet that stated that her mother needs to be in rehab.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs 9/8c on Bravo.

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