Braunwyn Windham-Burke says she was calm going into the recently taped RHOC reunion

Braunwyn Windham-Burke films for Season 14's reunion.
Braunwyn Windham-Burke films for Season 14’s reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke says that despite being at odds with all of her castmates, she wasn’t nervous going into the reunion.

RHOC is already more than halfway through, which means the reunion is that much closer. The RHOC cast filmed the dramatic end to the season on December 18.

Braunwyn hosted an Instagram Live session with her husband, Sean Burke, the day before to share her thoughts leading into the reunion.

One fan even points out her serene energy, and Braunwyn agrees that it’s an apt assumption.

“I have been calm,” Braunwyn states.

Despite all of the drama she has gotten involved with this season, Braunwyn is most appreciative of being sober and having a clear mind.

“Honestly, I think the best part about this year is when I remember everything,” Braunwyn explains.

“Last year’s reunion was hard because I had a lot of scenes that we filmed that I was blackout and Sean would have to kind of help me with that, so it’s nice to be sober! Even though I did some bad – like shady, well, not bad – I did some things I’m not totally proud of, I own them. That’s the best part about working a program [is] to make amends and you don’t sit in it.”

One fan asks if she is equipped with receipts for this upcoming reunion.

“Yes! Not like totally Monique style, but pretty damn close. Like, LIES,” Braunwyn states.

How Braunwyn feels about her castmates going into the reunion

Braunwyn and the rest of the RHOC women have made it clear that Braunwyn ends Season 15 as the odd man out.

Braunwyn has stated that since filming wrapped, she hasn’t talked to any of the RHOC women and a couple like Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson have even unfollowed her on social media.

While Braunwyn has a lot to say to her costars since filming has wrapped, Braunwyn has been waiting for the reunion to address the issues.

It goes without saying, fans can expect the most.

Braunwyn’s costars plan on coming for her at the reunion

Braunwyn places the blame on quarantine and her sobriety, but the other women feel like it has more to do with her character and are ready to address it at the reunion.

Emily finds her “inauthentic” and told ET that she’s ready to bring the facts to the reunion.

“I’ve got materials. You name it; I’ve got it. I’m an attorney, so I analyze things, and I like facts,” explains the Bravo star.

“I don’t think anybody should jump on someone else out of emotions or anything like that,” she continues. “So, I do have a very factual, analytical argument as to things that she’s done that I find completely inauthentic and, you know, I’m ready and willing to address those.”

Kelly Dodd has been feuding with Braunwyn as the show has been airing. It is clear that Kelly is not a fan and told ET in a separate issue that “poor Braunwyn will be eaten alive” during the reunion.

Gina Kirschenheiter initially gave Braunwyn the benefit of the doubt with her sobriety journey, but now feels between that and her sexuality, that Braunwyn isn’t in a good place to be on the show.

“These are major things to go through and I just don’t know if this is the right venue to go through those things in,” admitted Gina. “It puts us in a really kind of scary situation, I feel like. It’s hard for us to navigate too as a group, but then again I know that’s interesting.”

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas has made it clear that she’s not on good terms with Braunwyn after putting on a clown mask during one episode and saying, “I’m Braunwyn. I’m two-faced.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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