Boho Camper Vans on Shark Tank: Where to get one and what makes it special

Boho Camper Van may be catching the eye of a shark tonight on Shark Tank. Pic credit: @bohovans/Instagram

On tonight’s Shark Tank we meet a very cool company called Boho Camper Vans.

Based in Arizona, this small company has been turning heads and expanding their business. Now, it hopes to catch the interest and the eye of one of the sharks.

But what makes it so special and where can we buy one? We have the details for our adventure-seeking readers!

The company is up to bat on Shark Tank to present its customizable and multi-purpose vehicle.

The company is called Boho Camper Vans, and the product, a camper van, is a new way to travel and camp away from home. Folks can use it on the open road and in the outdoors.

Boho Camper Vans on Shark Tank: Where to get one

Arizona’s first locally-owned design/build camper van company is bringing a fun and adventurous experience back to the road. That is what this company is all about.  It’s possible to buy or rent one already.

Thanks to the visual power of Instagram, this Arizona company is catching the eye of folks who want to ditch their daily grind, downsize their belongings, and crisscross the country in a van with an eye for new experiences.

One of the cool things about this company is that you can try a product out before you buy it.

Back in 2018, two young guys — David Sodemann and Brett Ellenson — wanted to create a new concept in travel vans and RVs.

Vans for rent and sale

The company rents out its fleet of custom-built vans, replete with a bed, outdoor shower, sink, and loads of storage — basically everything you would need for an overnight trip or a cross-country road trip.

Rent the travel van first and then you can purchase one later — Boho is already taking orders.

Other features of the travel vans include a level of comfort rarely seen in vans, plus convenience, functionality, and aesthetic beauty.

Everything in an expertly designed and appointed Boho van makes traveling less of a backache and more of a cool feature to savor.

The vans even have memory foam beds, solar power for charging laptops and phones, high-quality tools, and appliances in an efficient little kitchen, as well as a water tank to make cleaning fun.

Check out the camper van in action from the Boho Camper Van crew:

Will the sharks be impressed by the Boho Camper Van and all of its cool abilities? We’ll have to tune in and see.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Cheryl Coffey
Cheryl Coffey
4 years ago

We need a handicapped lift installed. Do you have any of your vans already prepared with a lift?