Shake It Pup on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes this dog food seasoning special and how to buy it

Shake It Pup is featured on the next Shark Tank
Will the sharks bite when Shake It Pup presents dog food seasoning on Shark Tank? Pic credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

AJ and Brett are bringing Shake It Pup to Shark Tank in hopes that they can snag an investor and grow their dog food seasoning brand.

While Shake It Pup isn’t dog food itself, it is an additive that can be shaken onto your pup’s plate to perk up the flavor of your pet’s food.

What makes Shake It Pup special?

Shake It Pup dog food seasoning is formulated with your pup’s palate in mind. Dogs that are experiencing “meal boredom” can be tantalized with this special treat in order to make mealtime even more awesome for your dog.

One thing that the guys behind this meal enhancer have noticed is that many dog owners will feed their dogs unhealthy snacks and even (gasp!) human food because let’s be honest, dog food can get pretty boring.

So they worked on a concept to create seasonings that look a whole lot like the ones we keep in the pantry except that they are for the dogs.

Shake It Pup offers up 10 different options to chance the way your animals eat with so many choices. Dog owners can decide if they want to just spice up their pet food or add nutritional value to it with a range of products to choose from that range from flavors like Barkin’ BBQ and Peanut Butter Belly to the supplemental Bone & Joint plus Probiotics or Digestion + Probiotics blends.

All Shake It Pup offerings are made from 100 percent human-grade ingredients and they are made in the U.S.A., bringing only the highest quality product to flavor your dog’s food.

Where can I buy Shake It Pup?

Those looking to spice up their dogs’ meals with Shake It Pup have a few options when it comes to ordering.

Of course, you can just order from the Shake It Pup website. Each 4.5 ounce container (3 ounces for the supplements) runs $12.99 with a special deal where you can buy two bottles and get one free. They also offer free shipping for orders over $35.

The other option is to order the Shake It Pup dog food seasonings on Amazon. They are priced at $12.99 there too but with free shipping no matter what amount is ordered. However, on Amazon, there isn’t a buy two, get one free option so those looking to buy more than 3 bottles should consider ordering from the website.

Tune in to the upcoming episode to see Shake It Pup as Maria Sharapova makes an appearance as a guest shark.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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