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Blake Moynes loved watching Katie Thurston ‘standing up’ for herself during ATFR fight with Greg

Katie and Greg film for ATFR
Blake Moynes reportedly loved watching Katie “standing up” for herself during her Bachelorette ATFR fight with Greg Grippo. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Katie Thurston and her new fiance Blake Moynes weighed in on the tense fight between her and Greg Grippo during the After The Final Rose special.

Katie shared that she and Blake watched the series together as it aired.

Viewers may have thought that Blake would’ve felt uncomfortable about her intense feelings towards Greg during ATFR, but that wasn’t the case.

Blake said that, without discussing it ahead of time, he knew how Katie was going to respond during ATFR.

“Going into After the Final Rose, I had watched the [Katie and Greg breakup] episode and I had a feeling as to how she would probably go about it because I was sure that she was probably going to see in a different lens after watching it back instead of being in the moment,” Blake told Us Weekly.

Blake Moynes was reportedly proud of how Katie handled the situation with Greg and loved watching her tell him off.

“It went how I thought it was going to, I knew she was going to speak her mind, [which is] one of the things I do love about her. And she did just that. I watched it, I was just kinda laughing about it, being like, ‘I love this.’ You’re speaking and standing up for yourself and just raw,” he added.

Blake addressed watching Katie’s emotional breakup with Greg

Since Blake and Katie watched through the entire season together, he sat by her side during her explosive breakup with Greg.

During this fight, Katie had essentially told Greg he was the frontrunner so when Greg left, many felt uncomfortable for Blake since he had seemed like the “second choice.”

Following the fight, Katie even stated that she wanted to leave the show.

However, Blake stated that he understood why Katie’s emotions were so high.

“It’s very important to be understanding and empathetic of what she is going through, right? It’s easy to be like, ‘Well, why would you say that? What about me? I was there.’ … Michael had left, Greg was leaving. And so I could see why she was doing and saying what she needed to, things were breaking down,” Blake shared.

How Katie and Greg’s fight went down

Katie and Greg’s After The Final Rose fight was as explosive, if not more than, their breakup.

After hometown dates, Greg wanted Katie to tell him she loved him. Due to the process, Katie didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone she loved them until there was one person left.

This lead to a tense moment between the two. Katie tried to apologize to Greg for not telling him what he wanted to hear, but Greg told her it was too late and left.

Katie had an entirely different attitude and a new perspective on the situation when she reunited with Greg during ATFR.

She called out Greg for “gaslighting” her and implied he went on the show to boost his acting career.

Greg stood by his argument that he had felt that Katie was cold and turned herself off to him.

Regardless, Katie and Blake still seem to be happy together.

Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC on Monday, August 16 at 8/7c.