Blake Moynes and Noah Erb fire shots at each other after Blake’s beach day with Abigail Heringer  

Blake Moynes
Blake Moynes started an amusing feud with friend Noah Erb. Pic credit: ABC

Blake Moynes and Noah Erb both appeared on The Bachelorette Season 16, where they became good friends. 

Recently, Blake took a petty shot at Noah in a post involving Noah’s girlfriend, Abigail Heringer.

Blake’s post led to some amusingly shady responses between him and Noah, and several other Bachelor Nation stars commented with their reactions as well. 

Blake Moynes teases Noah Erb in petty post 

Blake and Noah are no strangers to competing for the same woman’s heart as they both aimed to find love with The Bachelorette lead Tayshia Adams. 

Since their debut within the franchise, Blake has gotten engaged and split up with The Bachelorette lead Katie Thurston, and Noah found love with Bachelor Nation star Abigail Heringer. 

Noah and Abigail are still currently in a relationship, with Abigail even moving to sunny California to be with Noah. 

Blake recently appeared to meet up with Abigail Heringer at Santa Monica Beach, and he shared a photo of the two in their swimwear, posing with their arms around one another. 

Blake’s caption caught people’s attention as he simply tagged Noah Erb with no other commentary. 

Blake’s friends and followers were amused by the petty caption and flocked to the comment section to react. 

Noah also responded to the post by firing shots at Blake. 

Noah wrote, “You shave your mangy beard and suddenly think you’re untouchable huh big dog??” 

Blake responded, “you’ve got a good one in abs. I had to take a petty jab where I could. It was mangy though eh, F.” 

Blake Moynes’ comment section
Pic credit: @blakemoynes/Instagram

A commenter got a laugh out on the post and shared that only true bros would be this petty with each other, which Blake agreed with. 

Bachelor Nation stars react to Blake Moynes’ post 

Blake and Noah’s fellow The Bachelorette Season 16 costar Ivan Hall commented under Blake’s post, suggesting that Noah has to get back at Blake for tagging him in a pic with his girlfriend. 

Ivan wrote, “You have 24 hours to respond @noah_erb.” 

Noah responded, “caught me half asleep and headed into shift but my time will come.” 

Blake Moynes’ comment section
Pic credit: @blakemoynes/Instagram

Abigail Heringer also commented, writing “The tag” with two laughing emojis.

Blake Moynes responded, “well executed.” 

Bachelor Nations’ Brendan Quinn commented, “@noah_erb he’s flexing hard, watch out.” 

Noah responded unbothered, writing, “I ain’t scuuurd.” 

Brendan supported Noah over Blake, writing, “id choose a man bun and good vibes over maple syrup and muscles any day.” 

Blake Moynes’ comment section
Pic credit: @blakemoynes/Instagram

Noah’s old rival from The Bachelorette Season 16, Bennett Jordan, also weighed in.

Referencing a Snoop Dogg song, Bennett wrote, “Ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none @noah_erb.” 

Noah responded to Bennett, “I’ve got a list…keep this energy up if you want to be on it.” 

Blake Moynes’ comment section
Pic credit: @blakemoynes/Instagram

The Bachelorette Season 16 costar Chris Conran also got in on the conversation, writing, “Caption game on point.” 

Blake responded, “I’ll take a playful jab at my boy whenever I can.” 

Chris added, “I’ll straight up jab [Noah Erb] whenever I get the chance. 

Blake Moynes appeared to anticipate retaliation from Noah, writing, “patiently waiting for one back though now. That’s okay.”

Noah responded to Chris and Blake saying simply, “I’ll remember this.” 

Blake Moynes’ comment section
Pic credit: @blakemoynes/Instagram

Time will tell what move Noah makes next in this playful beef with Blake.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC.  

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