Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb are done with long distance as she moves to California

Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb
Abigail Heringer reveals she’s moved to California where Noah Erb currently lives. Pic credit: @noah_erb/Instagram

Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb are getting closer than ever as Abigail left her home in New York and moved out to California where Noah is working.

The Bachelor in Paradise alum revealed her favorite things about living in the same city as her boyfriend, how they’re making their opposing schedules work, and why she decided not to renew her lease.

Abigail took to Instagram to give her fans an in-depth look into her decision to move and some of her favorite makeup tips and tricks.

Abigail Heringer has moved to California near boyfriend Noah Erb

Abigail finally confirmed rumors that she had left New York and moved to California near Noah in a get-ready-with-me-style video.

The Bachelor Nation star opened up about her reasons for making the big move, which included the logistics of her current rent going up and the opportunity to be closer to her family and Noah. She doubled down by calling the decision a “no-brainer.”

She shared with her fans that she was looking forward to getting back to a routine after months of spending all of her time traveling to see her long-distance boyfriend.

Abigail also talked about how the pair is navigating their schedules as Noah, who works as a traveling nurse, often sleeps during the day due to his job. Noah was ironically asleep with she filmed the video.

“I feel like I can be super productive when he’s working and then when he gets his time off, then we’re really just able to travel, do things together,” Abigail said. “It’s definitely a weird schedule, but I feel like we’re making it work.”

Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb have been navigating a long-distance relationship

Abigail has been frequently traveling to see Noah in California over the past several months. The two have had to work harder to see one another since Noah moved for his work contract.

However, the Bachelor in Paradise couple got plenty of quality time together recently as they took a trip to Costa Rica for Abigail’s birthday.

Abigail gushed about the vacation in her video, calling it the “perfect birthday trip,” and praising the weather and activities.

The two appeared happy to be in the same city despite the big move, as Noah made a brief appearance in Abigail’s Instagram story.

“Howdy ma’am,” he said in an accent as he wandered into the video in a wide hat and his notorious mustache.

“Ok this is the real reason why it takes me 4-5 takes to get a story,” Abigail captioned the light-hearted video.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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