Blake Horstmann undecided on another Bachelor In Paradise appearance and it has nothing to do with Stagecoach

Blake Horstmann talks to Chris Harrison on After the Final Rose
Blake Horstmann talks to Chris Harrison during the live After the Final Rose special of Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC.

Blake Horstmann has spoken out about a possible return to Bachelor in Paradise, claiming he doesn’t find the potential women very “likeable.”

It’s an interesting opinion coming from Blake, of all people, because he went from one of Bachelor Nation’s favorite guys on Becca Kufrin’s season to a villain on Bachelor in Paradise in a hot second.

Blake doesn’t find the women on Matt James’ season “likeable”

Blake spoke about Matt James’ season 25 Bachelor contestants on the UsWeekly podcast Here for the Right Reasons, in which he helped recap The Women Tell All episode. Despite claiming he didn’t find the women “likable,” he put a lot of that down to the show’s editing.

Blake explained his opinion further and talked about the last few seasons, saying, “It’s been depressing, and it’s been dramatic. And it’s like, ‘Can we just go back to when dating was fun?’”

Clearly, he doesn’t have a huge desire to go on Bachelor in Paradise again simply because he doesn’t think he would get along with the contestants this year. Blake elaborated on this, saying, “Why go on a beach where I feel like I wouldn’t get along with these women? Or am scared that I’m gonna get bullied by these women?’”

Blake thinks the editing on The Bachelor made the women look bad

While his comments come off as a little harsh, Blake did say he felt the producers’ editing was one reason the women didn’t look so great on Matt James’ season.

He said, “And that’s not the women’s fault. That’s the production, the producers, the editing. It’s not the girl’s fault because I don’t think they’re like that.”

Well, either way, it doesn’t appear as if Blake will be joining the cast of Bachelor in Paradise again anytime soon. While he could be telling the truth about his reasons for not wanting to go to Mexico, it may also have a lot to do with his experience last time.

Blake was involved in not just a love triangle, but a love square, or octagon? How many women were there? It’s easy to lose track.

Blake was a villain on Bachelor in Paradise

Caelynn Miller-Keyes was the instigator in bringing down Blake, after she explained to Wells Adams what happened between them.

Caelynn said the pair had talked about skipping Bachelor in Paradise to date just each other when Blake ghosted her. They later met up at the Stagecoach festival where they slept together, and then this is where things get a little murky.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes cries as she talks to Blake Horstmann on Bachelor in Paradise
Caelynn Miller-Keyes looks devastated as she talks to Blake Horstmann on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC.

Caelynn claimed Blake told her he had slept with Kristina Schulman just 24 hours before and woke up in his bed to see him texting Hannah Godwin. Not only that, but he proceeded to tell her how hot he thought Taysia Adams was, with whom he also spent most of the night at Stagecoach flirting.

Also, all of these women showed up to Bachelor in Paradise.

It wasn’t a good look, and Blake quickly went from hero to zero within Bachelor Nation.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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