Blake Horstmann breaks his silence about rumors that he’s dating Becca Kufrin

Blake Horstmann
Blake Horstmann speaks out about recent dating rumors. Pic credit: ABC

Blake Horstmann is no stranger to dating within Bachelor Nation.

His stint on Bachelor In Paradise last year proved that he has no problem hooking up more than one at a time too.

At one point, he had slept with almost every woman who competed on the last season of Bachelor In Paradise and it came out that he had slept with three of the women over two days.

He also hurt Caelynn Miller-Keyes when she felt that he didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that they had hooked up.

But, is Blake hooking up with Becca Kufrin? Are they rekindling their Bachelorette romance?

Blake Horstmann says he’s friends with Becca Kufrin

Blake decided to go on social media and talk about this rumor. However, he didn’t exactly deny that they were talking and possibly getting things back on track.

“Me and Becca are friends,” Blake revealed on his Instagram Stories. “Let the woman be single for a while she don’t need no damn man to be happy. She is living her best life.”

He also pointed out that he feels there is a lot of pressure for women to find love on the show. And he adds that he finds it ridiculous.

However, he does admit that he has chatted with her a little bit after her split with Garrett.

“We’ve chatted a little bit. I told her I support her, and I hope she’s doing well and everything, but it’s just a friendship,” he said on the Almost Famous podcast earlier in November. “We have a good relationship. I think, for the most part, we’ve been friendly the whole time since even the finale. There’s never been any kind of weirdness between us.”

As fans recall, Blake and Becca almost got engaged on The Bachelorette finale, but she chose Garrett in the end.

Blake Horstmann is supposedly single after a brief quarantine romance

Blake recently confirmed that he was single. Fans figured out that Becca and Blake were following each other on social media after her split from Garrett.

It was last week that rumors surfaced that he was supposedly talking to Becca after it was discovered that the two were following each other on social media again after her split from Garrett.

Back in July, we reported that Blake was admitted he was seeing someone, but that he was taking things very slowly. He didn’t want to share much about her, simply sharing that she was not from The Bachelor Nation.

Now, he’s single again and fans are wondering if this is the time for him and Becca to start things up again.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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