Black Ink Crew Season 7 premiere date, trailer and everything you need to know

Jadah Blue, Cesar Emmanuel and Alex Vause on Black Ink Crew
It’s time for Ceaser and the Black Ink Crew to come back to our TV screens!

Black Ink Crew is headed back to VH1 for Season 7 and fans of the show won’t have to wait much longer. Ceaser, Sky and the rest of the New York City (and Atlanta) crew will be kicking off Season 7 with a two-hour premiere episode that is sure to bring all the drama that we’ve grown to love from this group.

The last season of Black Ink Crew was wild. Sky took over management of the new Atlanta location, Young Bae announced a pregnancy and Donna ended up hooking up with Alex the Vagina Slayer in a shocking bathroom video that not only went viral but also ended her relationship.

It’s hard to even imagine how the crew plans to top all of that but season after season, they never disappoint! Here’s what they have been up to since the last episode of the show and what may play out next season.

Ceaser Emmanuel made it clear, both in the new Black Ink Crew trailer and on his own Instagram page, that he’s ready to expand his business. He even posted a warning to let his associates know that he’s trying to make more money and won’t be taking part in anything that doesn’t help his bottom line anymore.

That means more Black Ink tattoo shops are going to be popping up. According to VH1, the newest shop is located in New Orleans and will be open 24 hours while serving as a restaurant and bar as well.

A one-stop shop for food, drinks, and tattoos in the Big Easy? Sounds like a sure win!

That leads us to an update on Fly Tatted Sky! Known for dramatics and a willingness to throw hands on Black Ink Crew, Sky is headed down a different path as viewers will get to see more of her newly forged relationship with her son Des.

Does that mean Sky has calmed down since last season? Probably not and that’s a good thing since Sky’s crazy antics often have viewers tuned in.

Sky is involved in opening the new Black Ink location in New Orleans along with Walt. His sobriety will be tested when he hits the New Orleans party scene and all the temptation that comes with it.

You may recall that Walt has a bit of a drinking problem that played out last season. He even attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with the support of Ted. Will he be able to help with the New Orleans location and still maintain his sobriety?

Walt is one of those guys who doesn’t really seem to get enough air time on Black Ink Crew. If he did, viewers would probably know more about his incredible photography skills. Maybe that will get a mention on Season 7.

That brings us to Donna Lombardi and Alex Robinson. Donna had a boyfriend last season on Black Ink Crew but that didn’t stop her from hooking up with Alex on camera in a bathroom stall.

When the video went viral, Donna’s boyfriend dumped her on-screen during a surprise pop up in Miami, leaving Donna single. She didn’t stay that way for long though because Alex, who calls himself The Vagina Slayer, made it clear that he has feelings for her.

The two played it coy on social media during the season, trying to limit pop-ups in each others’ Instagram photos. That all ended along with Season 6 and now, it’s very clear that the two are an item.

Let’s hope to see Young Bae’s new baby boy on Season 7 of Black Ink Crew. Bae gave birth back in May and seems to be settling into motherhood just fine.

Motherhood hasn’t stopped Young Bae from living her best life. In addition to sharing cute baby photos and family updates, Bae can be seen on the ‘Gram partying it up with her co-stars. She was even seen on Monday at the VMAs with Donna and Melody.

That leads us to Richard “Oh S**t” Duncan, who took issue with his Black Ink Crew co-stars last season for meddling in his private life. It doesn’t look like he’s gotten over the invasion into his personal affairs (or that unwanted attempt to test his daughter’s DNA either).

He may be looking to leave Black Ink to start his own shop. Is Oh S**t the next Puma?

Season 7 of Black Ink Crew premieres on Wednesday, September 19 at 9/8c on VH1. 

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