Black Ink Crew: Compton confirmed! Premiere date, cast and everything you need to know

City of Compton sign from Black Ink Crew: Compton trailer
Black Ink Crew is headed to the West Coast to set up shop in Compton. Pic credit: VH1

Black Ink Crew is getting another spinoff as VH1 has confirmed Black Ink Crew: Compton is in the works and that the first season will premiere even sooner than anyone thought. After Ceaser Emanuel and his crew made a trip to Los Angeles to decompress and scout out a spot for a new tattoo shop, it looks like he found exactly what he wanted.

It was during that episode that Ceaser met up with Danny “KP” Kirkpatrick, whom he knew from the tattoo convention circuit. Initially, Ceaser wanted to open up shop in a trendier part of Los Angeles but when he was talking to KP, they discussed Black Ink Crew: Compton.

Ceaser Emanuel meets with Compton tattoo artist on Black Ink Crew
Ceaser is ready to expand his empire again and this time, he’s reportedly headed to California. Pic credit: VH1

After KP explained that he was from Compton and wanted to give back to his community, plus there were no other tattoo shops located there, Ceaser was in.

The shop is called IAMCompton and KP is so invested that he even tattooed that phrase on his body. We can expect to see KP’s girlfriend, Kyla Pratt, on the show too and many will recognize her as she’s been acting for a couple of decades now. Some of Kyla’s biggest shows were One on One, Let’s Stay Together and Recovery Road.

Also joining the cast of Black Ink Crew: Compton is Lemeir from Philadelphia, who also made a name for himself in the food truck business when his Happy Ice truck amassed a following. Alongside Lemier, we can expect to see his girlfriend and high school sweetheart Danielle.


Nessie, another Philadelphia native, and friend of Lemier, is also joining the crew. She’s not just a tattooist but also paints murals and sings. She’s hoping this move to the West Coast will help her take her career to the next level.

Ink Drippin is also joining the cast and is a Compton native. Ink is returning to his home city to help take care of his mother and we’ll also see him set out in search of his father as he wants to learn more about his own heritage.

Vudu Dahl is a tattoo apprentice with a very interesting past. Raised in a religious commune outside of Seattle, Vudu lived a sheltered life. She has 13 brothers and sisters, whom she left behind for a more exciting life. However, Vudu ended up with an addiction which she has worked to overcome through her love of tattooing.

Tim is KP’s cousin and right-hand man. He’s basically the Teddy of the Compton shop and will be managing IAMCompton. Like his cousin, Tim is also a Compton native and is proud of where he’s from.

The final piece to the Black Ink Crew: Compton puzzle is Barbie, who will be the shop receptionist. She has been friends with KP for a long time so naturally, he trusts her to help run the shop. Plus, she’s totally giving us Sky vibes. Will she be just as dramatic?

Black Ink Crew: Compton will definitely be worth watching as this new tattoo crew works to overcome the stereotypes of the infamous city and show a different side of Compton.


Black Ink Crew: Compton premieres on Tuesday, July 30 at 9/8c on VH1. 

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